Thursday, July 20, 2017


Well, pout. I was supposed to be getting my nifty new windows today. I did not get my nifty new windows today. I also went to the dentist and despite the fact the hygienist told me I am a very good brusher and my teeth are very clean, they found a tiny cavity between two teeth, so tiny they didn't even bother making an appointment to have it fixed but he did need to poke it so I would know it was there. OW. Dr. Prick, DDS.

The guys showed up ( my Dad drove two hours to come up here to supervise them) to install them and took a good look at my house and noped right out. I'm not sure how the salesman described the house to the folks back at the home office but apparently, he left some stuff out. Brick? Two stories? Metal Casement? Hmm, checked the contract, no, that's all there, emphasis on METAL CASEMENT.


So either he gave them a load of soap or they sent out a couple of idiots who thought they were just going to pop in a couple of replacement windows and go on to the next job. It was pretty clear to the salesman when he was on the property that the job was going to be more than just popping in a few replacement windows. Hence, 3K for four windows, no extras, low end, no decoration.

I have a feeling they will be calling, which is good because I would love to chat with them about this. They came to be with word of mouth from a contractor who said how great the company was and what great work they did for him and on and on how cooperative and hard working they are. Apparently, when they show up on a commercial job site they do the job,  if you are a commercial client you don't hear the word No from these people. However, as a residential client they treat you a little differently. They are a little less cooperative, a little less hard working. It's too bad I have so many windows that still need replacing over time, I would have liked to get all the windows replaced, no matter how long the project eventually took, from the same vendor - however, with service like this, that may not be possible.

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