Thursday, July 6, 2017

Tuesday into Wednesday

So much work for a day off! Weed whacked the jungle in the back yard with Broskys weed whacker and now my arms hurt, mowed the jungle with my mower (yay!) and now I have a semblance  of yard in my yard but I'm going to have to mow it again over the weekend.

I was going to mow the front yard too but I reminded myself it was just a Tuesday and I had to go back to work tomorrow and there was no sense exhausting myself like I had a Sunday coming to recover. I didn't, I had a Wednesday and an alarm to contend with.

And the computer at work hated me and IT messed up my label maker and now I'm going to have to go back and correct  over a  year's worth of DSS updates before I go on vacation! I'm so excited!  Because that is not going to be super time consuming or tedious  at all.

Tonight I cleaned up the back bedroom in preparation for the window guys to install my windows. They haven't told me exactly when they are going t o be here but I know they are going to give me no warning at all - because I can tell these guys are douchebags and that is how they roll. They are going to call me in the afternoon the day before and I am going to not have near the time I need to prepare for them. I can at least get the room I am not sleeping in ready to go ahead of time. Happier thoughts, here is Rocket at the ocean, in Oriental over the weekend.

Okay July 4th. Fireworks! I went to the Raleigh firework show and it was very nice. I drove around forever to find somewhere to park and ended up not getting a spot until right before the show started -  and watching them from a different place than I normally do, I normally watch from Fayetteville street, right underneath where they go off, this year I was behind Shaw University. It was a different perspective .

The fireworks setting on your camera isn't there to take up space, it actually works!

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