Monday, July 24, 2017

Further Along

- set up sprinkler for front deck
- flea and tick treat cats
- gather clothes
- fill what meds I can for  dog and me - in process
- stop the paper
- find the little man and have him mow the yards
- remember that the dog has an appointment with the vet at 7:30 am next Tuesday.
- remember the Christmas ornaments
- remember to clear the DVR settings
- remember to flea and tick treat the dog
- remember to bring dog bags
- remember to get more cat food/vet script for cat food
- remember shoes
-remember winter pjs
-remember to bring computer glasses home from work
-remember to bring dog toys
-remember to bath dog
-correct hair

I learned while I was "gathering clothes" that I don't have any shorts that fit. I have too big shorts and too small shorts but no just right shorts. So it was off to the store I went. I ended up with two pairs of shorts, one from Kohls and one from Wally, and a new sweater that was very on sale and that I of course needed very much in July. Oh, a new polo shirt hat was not of sale but was from Wally so it was already pretty much on sale anyway.

The "gathering" is one part packing and one part negotiating with myself. So far I have packed and repacked only a couple of times and only taken out a two or three things, the trash bags we're using as luggage this year - Sigh, are cheap, and mine has already torn, so the next time I dump everything out, its going to be the bags last time. I think I have too many tee shirts and one too many pairs of pants. It's a negotiation. Its July going into August but you never know it could get cold at a moment's notice, it could and it will. It does things like that - and then I will need those pants!

And then I have to ask, what do I want to bring in the car? DO I want to bring any real books? Reading my phone gives me eye strain after a while but I don't have any real books to ready right now, I had some real books from the book sale but I read the ones I was going to read. I guess I'm going to bring my kindle but it only works when you have Wi-Fi , and there is no Wi-Fi where we're going. I kind of have to take it to a Wi-Fi  zone to download whatever you want to read so that you can read whatever it is later.

It wasn't on the list but there are endless chargers that now have to come with me when I travel. The kindle, the fitbit, the phone has multiple that I have to bring and of course, the computer. The camera has a cord so it can talk to the computer and they ALL have to come.

On the upside, I don't think I'm bringing any CDs or movies with me this time, I've brought a lot in the past and I never end up useing them and they just end up being in the way and being more things for me to forget. Well, I might bring a movie or two, I'm pretty sure that I can't stream anything .
I still have time.

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