Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Happy Birthday Rocket!!!!

Today Rocket is 5!

Yay!!! In honor of this momentous life event, here are a bunch of pictures, some of the way, way too many I took on his very first day home. The first is a group shot of him and some of his twelve brothers and sisters when they were still living with their mom at the breeders. They were just wee babies here, their little eyes had just opened.

Here he is on our ride home, he barked himself to sleep.

His first vet visit, the day after he came home. 

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

And yes, he is going to have his own birthday cupcake and a Happy 5th Birthday Candle, which I will probably will not light as neither he or I are big fans of flame, and I bought him a card. Pet birthdays are a thing! they are an industry I did not buy him a specifically created for a dog birthday card and the whole outlay is going to be under $10 so leave me alone. I looked up on Google how to throw my dog a birthday party and it came back with 1,980,000 ways for me to do that! I'm sure if I went to Pinterest I would fall into a candy colored Pinterest Hole and never get out.

In reality, when you look at what real dog people do for their dogs on their birthdays, I'm kind of barely a dog person and should be ashamed, the less said the better.

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