Friday, July 14, 2017


It was too hot to walk the dog so I kept myself busy and subsequently, was too busy to write an entry.

First I repotted a plant. Years ago I got a great deal on five wooden planters from a big box hardware store that had been stoopid enough to store them outside in the rain and they had become swollen together and were worthless to them and they sold me the lot of them for $5.

I lugged them home, let them dry out and then pried them apart and scored  some really nice wooden barrel planters. Well, that was a long time ago and wood planters, as expensive as they are, are not investment pieces.

This was the last one . See the wooden slats piled around it? Those used to be the sides of the barrel that made up the planter. Those were the days, last year a rat lived in the bottom of that planter. The only thing keeping the dirt in that planter was the ivys roots, so it was playing a part, but it was time for me to step in and take over.

I was also over the ivy - and I raised that ivy for years! I've known that ivy from  when it was a cute. tiny, decorative baby ivy! Now it wasn't cute anymore and it was getting out of hand and it is past time to say goodbye to  the ivy. It was beating up my elephant ear.

I had to slaughter the ivy to save the elephant ear. I think the ivy understood, it was tired and knew its time had come. Even though I had to bring the time with a heavy shovel and a sharp blade. You really have to work to kill ivy, even ivy in a planter.

The ears new home. Its not the planter I had hoped for, but its a good deep pot and I think for its long term home its a better choice. Its not pretty, but its roomy and and substantial and will be a good fit for the long haul.

It was part of a dam, and now its actually doing what it was born to do. My parents wanted it, but  the elephant ear  needed it, sorry Mom and Dad. There are still three bags left, one of them seems to have ants. Again, sorry.

Transplant shock. It happens to everyone, I'm hoping it recovers soon.

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