Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I accidently put a movie I own on my Netflix list. It arrives tomorrow.

I finally got purple bike back from the bike hospital. It cost more to get it fixed than it did to buy it new in the first place - about twice what I paid for it, but today its back to being street legal and I can  feel comfortable taking it to Marquette and leaving it there as a donation to the house.  Purple Bike was never  fancy and now its been altered to be even less fancy, its been neutered down to a single speed, heart breaking sure, but it was the only way to save it.  Purple Bike will still get you from point A to point B faster then hoofing it and cheaper than driving. Any bike is better than no bike at all.

I picked it up night before last and while it was still in the car I decided to take it for a test drive over lunch . I discovered it is lighter and has a better turning radius than new old bike! Purple bike turns on a dime and I don't know what speed they froze it at but it zips a long without having to put too much English on it  - And even better both breaks work! Yay! it stops without the rider having to run it into something. Not Yay? the seat is really uncomfortable and the guys at the shop changed the seat height and it is at least temporarily way too high. Thanks guys at the bike shop for not returning it to its original setting.

But thank you for fixing it so quietly and not making me hear about what a POS it is. That's why they get the really big bucks It  did cost a lot to get it fixed and I absolutely could have picked up a new bike for less - Hindsight being twenty-twenty, but I took it in to be fixed imagining it to be a $40-$60 fix,  and then it kind of snowballed. Once they started looking at they saw all kinds of problems most of them stemming from the fact that the bike was never supposed to be fixed, it was engineered to not be  fixable. Henry Ford would so not approve of this bike.

I think the bike was designed to be part of a New Years Resolution "To Get Back into Shape and Get More Exercise". It was supposed to be ridden two or three times and then put away, it was never actually supposed to be ridden as much as it was. I believe that it was  built  primarily to be able to sit in a garage  happily for years gathering dust and then I betrayed that by daring to ride it every day, the poor bike was never suppsoed to be used as a bike. It was supposed to be a clever planter at best and a sourse of guilt at worst. Too bad, its going to be riden and its going to enjoy it.

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