Friday, August 6, 2010


We're getting a scroll on the screen that is warning us that it is going to rain. Yes, its going to rain and we have to be warned that there will be wet stuff falling from the sky. I think they want us to know that  the authorities know that there is wet stuff falling from the sky so that the stupid people don't assume the sky is bleeding. The teabaggers will assume its Glen Becks tears and hopefully drown like turkeys.

I had to block an elementary school classmate on Facebook today. He almost never posts and then when he does he praises Glenn Beck and derides the judge that over turned Prop 8! He really, really had to go. I love the ignore function. I get to keep my all-important friend tally up while at the same time never having to deal with this jackass again. Yay.

I've been saying all week I'm going to mow the yard, I'm going to mow the yard and again I did not mow the yard. I'm going to give the yard guy cash to mow it this weekend. It was great when it was not raining at all and it was hot and the grass was playing dead but now its raining again and the grass is green again and growing and I don't see me out there trying to beat it back with the push mower. Its going to need more horsepower than I can provide. I'm going on vacation in a few weeks and I don't want to die before I get a chance to blow this pop stand for a few weeks. That would suck, I mean heaven is, I'm sure, very nice but I really need to go on vacation.

I think my experimental pepper might be dead. It went all floppy and  wilty and shriveled up  and the peppers don't seem to thriving the way the peppers planted  in the back are, it took them a while to get it together and the plants are skimpy but I have four or five very nice peppers back there. I am practicing self control and letting them mature on the plant. They aren't coming out square like the ones at the store though, those are tidy and easy to cook with - not that I am throwing my sexy little friends out of bed, but they don't look the same.

Speaking of  my garden, the tomatoes are not doing well. And by "doing well" I mean producing tomatoes. At all. One of the plants hasn't produced a single fruit, not even flowers! If some of the plants are  co-operating, I'm also contending with bands of roving squirrels that steal my harvest! I've never had problems with that in the past and this year they come through like furry locusts, I bang on the window at them and they don't even react. Bastards.

I think next next year I am going to make some changes to the garden and think about plant placement. I don't want to get too discouraged by this years garden performance because this summer has been so constantly hot and humid and unfriendly to growing things and so over run by squirrels.  The results are not entirely my fault.

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