Thursday, August 19, 2010

Stuffing myself

Well. My house is much cleaner than I had planned. Now, just in time to abandon it for a few weeks my house is cleaner than its been in months. All dressed up and nowhere to go.

I however, have some place to go and I am going but not yet . As of now I am still here, if only because I'm weighted down with all my stuff. I had no  idea I needed so much stuff , I have a stack of things that I keep adding to, I think I have everything I need, will need, might need and I keep finding more stuff. My most recent discovery is that I'm probably going to need to score another card picture and so that means Christmas decorations. More stuff. I keep adding to the pile and I'm starting to wonder if perhaps I have a stuff problem. I think about it and I decide to reject this - I chose to not look at it as just things, I chose to see it all collectively as a very bumpy security blanket.

The animals have stuff, the dog has her doggy tent, her back pack and her travel food. Baby Kitty travels light with just his travel food and his crate.

I'll be posting, albeit lightly while I'm gone, stay tuned.

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