Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Getting Rover Ready for the Road, originally not posted on August 28, 2008

Venturing off on a road trip and don't want to leave your pup behind? Here are a few ways to make longer car journeys easier for her:

• Prepare her. Take her on a few shorter rides around town to get her warmed up and more used to traveling in the car.

Dogger loves the car.  She was born to ride - in the back seat, she does not care to ride in the front seat. Sad for her because that is where the window is. She totally misses out on hanging her head out the window. Its a safety issue I am aware but precautions can be taken. Doggles for example.

 • Protect her. Keep the snout inside the vehicle at all times. The breeze can be refreshing, but it can also whip up dirt and debris, which could get in her eyes.


• Entertain her. Give your dog a favorite toy to occupy her during the ride, and try to stop and stretch every 2 hours.

Dogger doesn't like to interact with toys in the car. I think it makes her car sick. She prefers to help the driver steer and failing that, she sleeps. All day.

I thought this  little article  would b appropriate  since Dogger and I will be on the road verysoon and since I realized what time it was and how very little I had actually gotten done this evening. I do get points for picking up the litter boxes for the hotels, but then I lost points for going hungry to the grocery store and buying lots of food I won't be able to eat before I leave . Are peaches too messy for the car?  I would think so, but then, how about cutting them up? Does it negatively effect them in the long run? Would I have to keep them refrigerated? I don't care for cold fruit - and just how ripe are they as we speak? Will they even live long enough to go on the road? What happens if I just eat them before I leave? I could do that too.

I've been on a real peach kick lately, what if I get arsenic poisoning? I don't also eat the pit but what happens if the pit leaks? Do peach pits leak? I did have to rescue a couple from the the disposal and they got a little damaged, did I then I have raw arsenic on my hands? Should I have worried?

I also bought some nice apples too. I believe they have arsenic in their seeds as well but I don't think I come in contact with those seeds directly. I understand that once upon a time people got ill from Waldorf salad because of the apple seeds. I do now however, eat Waldorf salad, so I should be in the clear. Could I be eating it and not know? Do they come in a Happy Meal?  Would a Waldorf salad be able to disguise itself as a protean bar? And if so, why? Why would it need to disguise itself? Are those salads the tricksters of the food world? Are they somehow bewitched? And again, Why? Who would so that? Doesn't take a lot of energy to maintain that sort of thing?

Clearly. I am getting a lot done.

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