Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Friday the 13th!

Did you know my work computer has been beset by a still napping Trojan virus ( which was found because its brother woke up in another computer across the hall) that led to my beloved computer with all my carefully collected favorites and settings and desk top goodies being wrested from me and replaced with an inferior replacement - after struggling with that all day Wednesday I came in Thursday with the idea that everything would be back to normal and I would be able to dive back into my routine -  but then my denile bubble burst all over me and reality was really sticky ... Thursday morning I was greeted with 240+ individual pieces of malware! And there was nothing I needed preloaded on the hard drive and the IT person had to spend hours messing with it and I wasn't able to get anything done and I spent so much time playing with my phone I ran the the battery down by 2:30pm!

 240 pieces of malware! Sad, unhappy computer! Sad unhappy Diana! I spent two days feeling my blood pressure spike to new and exciting heights.  I was horrified by the malware, I felt so violated because I hadn't even had a chance to mess with the computer that way!  So, kudos to me on that front, because I admit to making really bad choices with my work computer and having almost no control what-so-ever with what sites I go to but this computer  came pre-messed! and this was all Wednesday and Thursday August 11-12! What kind of hell will be unleashed today! I am fully expecting my computer to blow up and make the other computers blow up or spread some here-to-for unnamed virus that will send all our confidential information onto Twitter and Facebook under my log in.

And of course our federal over-seers have been here all week and so my boss has been in a super good mood all week and my computer issues have only made her a happier person. On the upside, I go on vacation next week, I don't have time for this crap. I need every spare moment for either fantasizing about not being in the office for three week sor spazzing because I'm not going to be in the office for three weeks.

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