Friday, July 9, 2010

Skin so sticky

Okay, I need a plastic fork and change for a dollar,. Who’s going to help me?

This was somehow relevant but not relevant enough to post on December 13, 2006

I decided that since I'm temporarily not waking Dogger, I need to get back on the bike, at one point I was on the bike a lot. That was then, this is now. Its hotter now.

Putting on my big girl panties and just doin' it, I decided that I could ride my bike to the post office in place of Doggers seven something walk. I did this and it was such a not bad experience, I remembered that I had thoughtfully stuffed some cash into my cell phone holder.

I had money and I was more than half way to the Krispy Kreme. I was  on my way to donut city and I'm rolling along and everything is down hill and the pavement is smooth and I am going 100 miles an hour. Life is good.

I arrive at the Kreme and look for somewhere to put the bike. It is now uphill, there is nowhere to park my bike and even worse : I do not have a bike lock. I used to have a lock for purple bike but then I didn't have a lock and more but it didn't matter because even the most junior member of the future bike thief's' of America wouldn't  lift purple bike. Purple bike is was and always shall be a cheap piece of  Walmart crap. Purple is a great bike and worked really well  for me but even a crack fiend wouldn't see much to steal there. Purples' worth is all on the inside and it is very deep and gives selflessly to many, many green charities  and oddly, the United Farm Workers. Its weird. it still aint' going to get stolen.

Anyway. I am not riding Purple bike, I am riding Black Bike. Black Bike is a much better bike,  I remember spending what felt like a lot for it back when I got it back in the day and it has aged well. It might be attractive to a crack fiend. I'm standing there outside the Krispy Kreme and the line is growing and I if I didn't really want a donut before the specter of someone getting my donut is freaking me out.I  am really needing a donut now. I leave the bike in a corner and hope that the good donut seeking people of Raleigh are so blinded by their need for hot, fresh donuts that they aren't going to see my sad unguarded bike.

After bike and I and my donuts get home, I go to Wallyworld and buy a lock.And some Glucosamine for Dogger . For those of you keeping track that means sticking my hand down her throat eleven times a day.  Did you know that dog saliva is not a previously unknown skin softener?

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