Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Know your Movements

Knowledge is power. Knowledge about your neighbors is super power or in its origanal :Wissen ist Energie. Wissen über Ihre Nachbarn ist Superenergie.

That was in my mailbox.

Shockingly, its not ravings of some rabid freak, It’s from my mortgage company and it is well disguised come on to check out home prices in my zip code - which is fine. But damn! It sounds like something they would have been taught to three-year-olds under Stalin to chant as they marched in a May Day parade. It didn’t just put me in the mind of the communists, my first thought was Jawohl! I was half way to clicking my heals. I think someone hit the send button a little fast.

Speaking of things that landed in my mailbox:

Great News!!! The move to The New Building is scheduled for the week of May 7, 2007 for our Unit. Our Unit and Acute & Home Care Section will move in that week and the Nursing Home Section will move in the next week. Everyone will need to clean out their offices by April 30. May 1-4 will be used for packing. Management has made it very clear that no outdated materials/books/files will be moved. Each staff will be responsible for moving any personal items.

These were some of the original instructions provided when we were moving in August of 2006.

Employees may want to start collecting boxes used for copier paper to put their personal property in. Other things that should be noted include:

- The movers will only be moving state owned property, i.e. desks, chairs, bookshelves, file cabinets, etc.

- Employees will be responsible for moving any personal property included, but not limited to pictures, decorations, lamps, plants, fans, personal furniture, etc. Please remind employees if they currently have any personal heaters or other high voltage appliances, they should not bring these to The New Building.

- All desks and book shelves must be completely empty prior to moving.
- Two and 4 drawer file cabinets can be used to store/transport paperwork and other belongings.
- Each employee will only be allowed 4 boxes to pack their belongings pertaining to state work.

About a month prior to the move, managers will notify staff regarding what offices and zone they will reside in the New Building, so staff can label their furniture with the office number and color of zone they will be moving. This will make it much easier for the movers to move the items to the appropriate place in The New Building.

Data Management will be responsible for moving computers and related hardware, i.e. monitors, printers, etc.

I’m not getting excited about this yet . They sent this out last summer because we were going to move then too. And "the movers" mentioned? Prisoners.

Oh. I am going to the pentagon this weekend! I finally got in touch with the college kids organizing the bus. I was just in DC and I wasn't going to go to this one because while I don't loathe A.N.S.W.E.R., I have serious issues with their scatter shot world view : Everything is evol. We can't pick just one thing to be pissed about so we're pissed about everything at once! We hate Racists! We hate Sexists! We hate Homophobes! We Hate George W. Bush! Oh! The Poor Palestinians! Oh! The Poor Cuban Political Prisoners! Oh! The Poor Death Row Inmates! Oh! Guantanamo! Oh! The Sudan! Oh! The War In Iraq! Oh! New Orleans! Oh. The Futility. It's not the scope of their concern that I object to, it's their lack of priorities. It's a protest movement with ADD - and I wouldn't be going with them but they're leaving from Raleigh, right down the street from my house more or less and they aren't leaving until 5:30am! and the guy I got my el cheap-o ticket from said they are going to try to be back by "10pm, or 11 but before Midnight, totally". We'll see.

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