Sunday, December 2, 2007

Deck that! swab those

I started out the weekend with a to do list:

1. Put up the out door lights

Which means figuring out which box marked “Outdoor lights” actually contains the working outdoor lights as opposed to containing non-working outdoor lights that are being kept around because they and they alone use the same lights as the working strand - not all strands of lights are created equally and there doesn’t seem to be an industry standard for outdoor lights. They are all different and they do not work together. The strand that doesn’t work is almost more valuable to me then the strand that does work because I can use it for parts to keep the working strand working for another season.

And have you noticed that they almost never sell the same styles of outdoor lights one year to the next? I bought two sets of outdoor lights when I moved into the house and I really liked them, the problem being, I only have two sets and bulbs being bulbs, they break... and I have not found a single replacement bulb for the set and I have never seen the style sold since then. I’m probably going to have to go online at some point to find more of them. What I’m really waiting for is for the new LCD lights to come in more styles. Anyway, I got the lights up and my fab air blown snow globe up and my wreath. hung. Done

2. Rake the front yard.

I actually did this first. I had to deal with harassment from some guy walking down the street who I think may have wanted me to hire him to do the job for me. He claimed I was“Missing half the leaves”, which I noticed, but I also noticed that my tree is still full of leaves and any raking is a fools errand anyway. The more I raked up the more fell from the tree. By the end of the day, aside from the huge piles of leaves at the curb, you couldn’t tell I had done any raking at all. Done.

3. Bake more dog cookies.

I have fourteen dogs and counting on my dog cookie list this year!. So far I’ve made batches of: cheese, bacon, molasses and now I have one green batch and one red batch of milk flavored in slightly larger star shaped because am worried that I am not going to have enough cookies to go round and bigger cookies take up more space. You get more of the smaller cookies, but they are small and take up very little space in the bags. As God is my witness, I will make a batch of peanut butter, damn it... I might end up making an apple batch because I saw a box of apple and carrot cookies at a store and I thought that sounded good. Kind of, Dogger has rejected carrot cookies in the past, but maybe if I sweetened it with a touch of molasses?... traditional dog cookies, Done

4. Decorate the interior of the house.

Yeah. About that...

5. Do laundry

Well, does Sunday evening count?

6. Take Dogger to Petsmart for Santa picture

Must be done between eleven and four Saturday or Sunday. Now I want a Santa picture for The Kitty but think I’m going to have to think outside the box to get it done. Dog picture, Done

7. Prepare cards for mailing

Oh leave me alone!

8. Bring tree down from attic, set up and light.

You know, there are six other days in a week...

I have a deadline. I’m having Broskey and Alphagal and Tiny E over to the house this coming weekend to help me decorate the tree and I would like to have the house clean and decorated and ready to go prior to that. The tree can not be decorated if it is still in a box in the attic. Do you think my boss will buy it if I call in “busy”? I have cookies to bake, a house to clean and decorate, a tree to deal with, gifts to wrap and oh, yeah, tomorrow is one of my friends at works birthday lunch and I signed up to bring something for it.

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