Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bring It.

I’m halfway listening to the convention. Tuesday night is Ladies Night? The Hell?! I don’t want to hear how heroic my gender is, I don’t need anyone to raise a toast to my vagina. I don’t want to hear about wymynhood sisterhood or Women’s Contribution to Blahblahblah. I want to hear about how the Democratic party is going to save our economy and set our nation free.

I don’t need this Hillary shit, the party doesn’t need this Hilary shit and the country most certainly doesn’t need this Hillary shit. Hillary needs to sit down and shut up and tell her crazed followers to get with the program or face a pogrom because that is what is going to happen if they keep up their spiteful bull shit and they get McCain elected . I don’t want to hear Hilary's’ name again, I don’t want to see Hilary again and I want to not have to think about Hilary again. I want her and her dog and PUMA show to go away.

We need to hear how John"George W. Bush"  McCain is going to bring ruin and destruction. We need to hear how the republican party is the enemy of the people, we need to hear frothing agit prop about how evil the republican party is from every single person who stands in front of the microphone.

We need to hear that Obama is going to save the nation after the republican party tried to destroy it. We need tales of how he and the Democrats are going to pull us out of the grave the republicans tried to bury us in alive. I want to see the Democratic Party cast as rescuers! as first responders! as freaking Batman! We do not need to hear about Hilary Clinton. We need to hear two themes over and over and over again 1) An Obama Administration is going save the nation and 2) That John “George W. Bush” McCain Administration will make what is bad, worse. And we need to have that repeated and repeated and repeated.

Another meme : John McCain = George Bush. We need to have those names to become one. I don’t want to think about George Bush with out thinking John McCain. Every time Shrubs name is used, I want McCains name used. Over and over and over again. We see McCain we see Shrub, McCains name is used, Shrubs name is used, I want this nation brain washed. I want the nation to wake up and call itself The United States of Tanya.

When there is a pause between programs, I want them to repeat John McCain = George W. Bush. I want that to be the tune running through every ones heads the next day and everyday until we vote Abomey in and the republicans out : Voting for John “George W. Bush” Cain is voting for four more years the destructive, costly, deadly administration of George W. Bush. I want to voters over the next week to learn to hate John McCain as much as they have learned to hate George W. Bush over the last eight years. I want the word “Republican” to be commonly synonymous with failure and death.

You Lost you home to foreclosure? It's the Republicans Fault!, You lost your job? It's the Republicans Fault! You can't afford gas? It's the Republicans Fault! It takes too long to get through check in at the airport? It's the Republicans Fault!. I want to hear  that as a call and response every night. Short, easy and to the point. If it is bad it is the Republicans Fault. I want the Democrats to blame everything on the republicans. I don’t care how small. If it went wrong I want the Democrats to say it was the Republicans fault. By the end of the week if someone stubs their toe at home, I want their first thought to be ”this is the Republicans fault!” It’s not hard, if something has gone terribly wrong the republicans did it and they made a profit off it. There isn’t anything that has gone badly for us  in the last eight years that wasn't the republicans fault.

Monday was sweet. I enjoyed it. Now its time to bring the pain.

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