Monday, August 25, 2008


Some weekends I do so much nothing it’s a little shameful.  This weekend I worked. I got up early and I did things. I went to Wallyworld to buy craft supplies and 40 pounds of soil additive, I went to Sam’s and picked up prescriptions and nothing else I was very strong. I went to the plant place, I did laundry, I made last minute packing choices, I dropped off my sickly bicycle with Alphagal and Brosky and picked up reading material for the trip, I corrected my hair color, which wouldn’t be on my list except my hair has follicular alzheimers and it just can’t remember what color it is supposed to be.

In preperation for Christmas Card 2008, I broke down every cardboard box I could find, and then ultimately, only used one of the broken boxes . I also learned that there are as many mosquitoes in the front of my house as there are in the back of my house. Who would have known? I was shocked. Another shock? My driveway has no give, I thought concrete was springier for some reason, more padded. Sadly, it is not.  I am now sore from spending too long crouching in my  really hard driveway with an exacto-knife clenched in my hand cutting through the thickest card board ever in the entire world.  I cut out with much difficulty star shapes, it was a lot of work for what is going to be a total of five tree toppers. Don’t worry, it will make sense later, right now they are like a phrase taken totally out of context.

And then, and then I started the fall garden experment. Great timing right before I leave for vacation but it would be too late if I waited until after I got back. The fall garden experiment is smaller than the spring version but, winter is not really a hugely productive time for most plants. I planted eight broccoli plants in two varieties and I will be planting garlic later in the fall.

August 24, Fall Garden

The spring garden experiment has worked out fairly well. I didn’t get the yeld I thought I would have but I also didn’t plant enough to really get enough to get what I thought I was going to get. In my mind I was planting whole crops of tomatoes instead of just two plants and for some reason I thought if you planted many squash plants you would get say, many squash. I was wrong. I planted twelve squash plants and got no squash, six cucumbers and ended up with two producing vines, two tomato plants and got a huge amount of small tomatoes and enoughish large tomatoes and both plants are still producing. The four peppers are all producing and were going to be very productive until I killed the most productive one. My experiment taught me that next spring I’m going to plant more peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers and no more squash, eggplants or greens. I will also try not to decapitate anymore plants of any kind.

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