Monday, September 29, 2008


Has it just been a week? Did I just get back? I was just on vacation and now I’m back again. I didn’t even think about it last week as I was so busy - too busy to think “Last week at this time I was sleeping late, hiking or reading at my leisure. Now? I’m distributing the mail or writing letters or listening to endless phone messages from the wacky.

And then, one day its cold and rainy and gross and I say McDonald’s has good Happy Meal toys right now, I think I’ll splurge.. I went to my McDonald's and it was Gone! They tore it down! I happily drove down there to get a doll and it was gone, a hole in the ground and a “Coming Soon” sign in it’s place.

I got the McMonkey off my back a while a go but dayum! The knocked down my ‘Donalds! I was crushed. But other than having to eat at KFC instead of Mcd’s , my feelings were hurt because they didn’t tell me. I mean, really. I’ve spent a lot of money in there and paid for most of it on plastic, they know who I am! They could have dropped me a card or something. I’m just saying, I shouldn’t have found out that way. A post card would have been nice. Humph. Knocked the damn thing down and didn’t even tell me.

Okay. So all week I worked like a puppy and then this weekend I worked like anthor puppy .My friend is coming from Dallas this coming weekend and my house is not ready, not even kind of ready and that doesn’t count the extra layers of going-on-vacation/got-back-from-vacation clutter. This is on top of the existing clutter and this doesn’t take into account the dust bunny/dog and cat fur/shredded paper tumble weeds.

Needless to say, I’ve been really busy. I vacuumed, dusted, swept, pitched, re-homed, gathered, mulled over, stowed and moved and that was just in the living room! I also did laundry, mowed and edged the lawn and washed the dog. Then I took a shower and went to Church. It was a total grind though. I also found time to watch Sex in The City -The Movie and the first part of the most recent Entourage DVD and later on, I bought the floor lamp of my dreams, 70% off!

I have been stalking this lamp since it first came into the store months ago. It was horrendously overpriced, so it stayed in the store. I would go check on it periodically but they were being really obstinate about the price, $179! At Big Lots! On a given day, for $179 you could buy half the store. The really sad thing is that that price was greatly reduced from its real price. Somebody somewhere thought that lamp was worth $300!

I paid $53.

Sunday, I got up did more laundry and more cleaning and went to Tiny E’s birthday party. Then I came home, finished the laundry, folded the laundry and began to think seriously about cleaning the upstairs...

Sometimes Raleigh doesn't suck

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