Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Home again

I came home and discovered I had left my mad HTML skilz somewhere along the way, possibly in one of the 10,000 rest stops we utilized Trying again. I spent hours posting them, it would be really  nice if people could actually see them.

Well the first day back wasn't bad, it was a Monday, so it sucked out of the gate, but as Mondays go it was okay. It was more than "okay" really because my co-workers had a Welcome Back! Never Leave Again! party for me! and it was really nice. I learned to really dread coming back from vacation because in years past I came back and would be greeted by six mail bins full of filing and at least two fires that needed to be out out right now! Fires that could have been put out much sooner but it would have required doing something in my absence and that was not possible. My co-workers could have pitched in and helped me out but it was made clear to me that such tasks were beneath them and they preferred spending their down time engaged in tasks more suitable to their stations, like staring into space for hours or spending the afternoon rearranging their desk tops.

I was told that college graduates don't file. The fact that I was also a college graduate and yet, I managed to file was lost on them. Bitches.

My new workmates on the other hand, did my job while I was gone. They griped and complained and whined the whole time but they did it and before I left they all sat with me and learned how to do it and then they threw a party for me when I came back. My old workmates threw things at me.

I handed out my Thank You For Doing My Job gifts and one of my co-workers took me aside and told me she asked how my vacation was and I was all "Well, it was hot at first and then it got really cold and we didn't have a lot of sunny days and I only had one day on the beach but it was still beautiful and Dogger and The Kitty and I had a great time". And after that she told me she had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. She went on to tell me all about what treatment she had all ready had and what her options are and about meeting with oncologists and radiologists and to be totally honest after she said "I have been diagnosed with breast cancer" everything just kind of shut down and I couldn't hear her anymore. All I heard was Caaaaaannnnnccccceeeeerrrr, caa caa nnnnn cccccc eeeeee rrrrr. I said "Sorry".

What was I supposed to say? What should I have said? I know she was unhappy with our boss because she didn't step to last week while she was hospitalized like my friend thought she should have. She was really pissed she didn't get a card or a phone call. She told me that the week before that, while she was sitting at my desk she removed the pirate themed plastic skull toy I had sitting over my computer monitor "Because you know, I have cancer now". That struck me as really funny the way she said it and I had to repeat cancercancercancer to myself to keep from laughing. I am a bad person.

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