Friday, September 5, 2008

No spell check

We were still unloading the truck when the Thwack, thwack, thwack started.  It thwacked up and down the beach and around the island and then thwacked off. Oh we said Must have been a training exersice. Good for them. and then it came back.

Thwack, thwack, thwack,  red helicopters low and close to the shore.  They wern't training, they were looking for something...

 The water is very cold and does not host the botony that warmer water does, if you sink you stay down. The worst case scenrio is always that the "doll" you thought you saw in the rocks, was not actually a doll... Many summers there has been signs taped to store windows drecting fishernen to call the Coast Guard if they catch Tom or Dick in their nets 

We asked the neighbors and this reveled that what they were looking for had gone out onto the lake in a canvase khyak in a south wind and now the coast guard knew where the khyak was but not the couple. The water is very cold and once in the water you need to get out of the water very, very quickly because you can and will drown but not before you could freeze to death. You can flirt with the lake but you can't go steady and you must aways practice safe swim. A full body condom available on the market as a "wet suit" is your best bet for serious swimming.

Later rumor said the couple had not drowned at all but had gone AWOL and were safe if chastened.

It was hot and then it got cold and now it is still cold. And overcast. And windy.

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