Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A day in the life

The other morning, I was trying to get out of the house and as I was finally leaving, one of the feral cats popped out from under my car started meowing at me, I was like Dude. I will so feed you when I get home. Later. Totally. When I come home. Bye-bye now. and the cat , Sundance, for you keeping score, kept up the whining and meowing and I was all Really. Dude? I will feed you later.

And then I remembered that I needed to put my bike back into Minnie. The bike is locked up and I now, in the dark have to get it unlocked and into the car. I took the bike out of the car Thursday night. By Monday morning I couldn’t remember how to put it back into the car there is a right way and a wrong way and I was just absolutly convinced that the wrong way was the only way...So, I’m screwing around in the dark, with first the bike lock and then the bike and having oh-so-much-fun, because I live for struggling with a bike in the dark at 6:45am and Sundance is still whining and mewing and I’m thinking You know what cat? Keep it up and you’ll spend the day in the car with the bike. I WILL FEED YOU WHEN I GET HOME! - because cats, like other non-English speakers magically grow to understand you when you yell at them. The cat would also magically grow a grasp of time as well.

I finally got untangled from the bike and got it into the car. I thought I was going to leave for work when I saw the other feral cat who was also whining and mewing. I said Hi Butch. I’ll feed you later, okay, buddy?” and then I noticed that this was a duet, it had morphed into a trio. Someone else, someone small was scampering around on my porch mewing and whining.

A new Baby Kitty! Not the old, grown up baby kitty that left Dogger, the little furry bastard, but a newbaby kitty. A wee little kitty who of course needed to be fed right now! I threw my stuff into the car and unlocked and unalarmed the house and went inside and fetched the food and and fed the cats. I tried to get Baby Kitty to jump into my arms and move into the house with me but it doesn’t know me yet. He looks like a tiny Holstein.

Anyway. I went to work, did my thing and then remembered that it was Flu Shot Day. I had to cut into my lunch hour to get my shot. I was cool with this because a few years ago I went to go get my shot and I stood in line for two hours with a throng of other people and it sucked time wise, but it was on the states time do it was okay, but still two hours of standing around. This year I had an appointment scheduled. My plan was to ride my bike over to the building where the clinic was being held then go eat lunch, and this seemed like a good idea, because exercise is good and with the throngs it would make parking much easier - until I heard this really loud noise outside and it turned out to be the wind. My new plan was to not ride my bike anywhere and park where I could.

I drove to the clinic and thought about the crowd from years past, and parked in Egypt. It turned out that I could have parked behind the building and just strolled in but I didn’t know that when I asked the Bedouin to watch my car. When I walked in there was a couple in front of me and they were looking at the huge long form they wanted us to fill out before they would come across with the flu vaccine, the guy part of the couple said Jeeze. I didn’t know there was going to be a quiz.. I laughed.

I went in front of the couple because I came in knowing my name and age and gender and I had my insurance card and a picture ID. I went and received my shot and the nurse said You have very tough skin. That was hard and I was like It’s not tough it’s just fat and she said No. It was really hard to get though your skin. and I said Well, I have worked for the state for a while now! and she said I guess you’ve had to develop a pretty thick skin!. We laughed.

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