Tuesday, October 28, 2008

From Sarah...

Dear Supporter,

Dear Sarah,

 I'm not your supporter and you should be addressing  me as  Ma'm or Miz. We aren't all as casual and "folksy" as you are.  Oh and by the way, the Obama campaign sends me personalized emails. I'm not just a nameless "supporter", I'm Diana to them.

We're entering the final days of the campaign and our get-out-the-vote efforts are in full swing. Volunteers across the country are making calls and knocking on doors to get every voter to the polls in important races across the country.

Your volunteers have not knocked on my door but I have received a lot of robo-calls from your party they make me not want to vote for you.

I am constantly energized by the crowds of supporters who show up at our Victory rallies. Their energy is incredible and I wish you could be there to experience all the excitement on the campaign trail.

Yes, there are a lot of people in the lower forty-eight. And as for calling your speeches "victory rallies", it sounds Orwellian  and it really smacks of 1984. It's a book, by George Orwell, so you may not have read it, short answer: You don't want to remind people of 1984.

We're working day and night to win, and in the final days of the campaign we need the resources to reach every voter through mail, calls, advertisements and personal contact.

I bet it really sucks missing out on all that family time. Thus far I have had no personal contact from your party, or impersonal mail. I have seen your TV ads and to tell you the truth, your TV ads suck and they don't make me love you. They are supposed to be like little love notes to the electorate, every ad should give me a new reason to fall in love with you. So far I've seen about 278, 5721 of your ads and I still think you're a bitch.

McCain-Palin Victory 2008 helps fund ad buys and get-out-the-vote activities in important races across the country and we need your support during our final push to Election Day.

I'm booked. I'm volunteering for the Obama/Biden campaign next Saturday.

Will you help our efforts by making a generous contribution today?

Too late. I'm kind of tapped right now, I've been donating all I can to the Obama/Biden campaign.I bought a magnet from Obama last week. $10 well spent I think.

Consider what your contribution can help fund in the final days of the campaign; bumper stickers and yard signs for supporters, television and radio ads to get our message out to undecided voters, flyer's and mail pieces for door knocking, and food for hungry volunteers.

Sorry. I everything I own has an Obama sticker on it. I'm about stickered out, and I'm on my second Obama sign for my yard. I have an Ipod so I don't really listen to the radio and I'm at work during the day so I'm not around to answer the door. I am concerned though, if you can't take care of your volunteers, how are you going to take care of the nation?

These might seem like small things, but trust me they make a big impact on the ground to our staff and volunteers who work day and night to elect our ticket from top to bottom.

They don't seem like small things. Are they small things to you?

You know what we're up against- the Democrats have raised nearly $200 million in September alone and are spending it all on the largest advertising buy in political history to defeat our team.

They have that money because I gave them some of it. Lots and lots of people gave them some of it. Lots and lots and lots people gave a little money so the campaign could have a lot of money. We see it as an investment that will pay off.

Combined, the Obama-Biden Democrats' television advertising budget is larger than McDonald's and Diet Coke.


They're flooding media markets in every state with ads attacking our team with information intended to mislead voters. We need your immediate financial support to respond. Will you make a donation of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or more to support our efforts?

The Obama/Biden campaign is happy with anything I can send. I sent $5 and got a nice postcard thanking me, so I sent ten more dollars when I could. It's what lots and lots and lots of us have done.

We have a choice in this election; a choice between the Obama-Biden Democrats who want to raise your taxes to "spread the wealth around," and our team of reformers who want to spread opportunity to all Americans.

I've all ready made my choice and I think spreading the wealth around is a good thing. I'm kind of tired of the Republicans keeping all of it for themselves.

Please stand with us in the final days of the election. Thank you.

I'm going to sit down now. And write the DNC a check.



Governor Sarah Palin

Caraboo Barbie


Tony said...

We have a choice in this election; a choice between the Obama-Biden Democrats who want to raise your taxes to "spread the wealth around," and our team of reformers(?) who want to spread opportunity to all Americans.

By giving more tax breaks to the rich?

When did "Joe-Six-Pack" start making over $250k/yr? I should've gone into plumbing.

Diana said...

They were Mavricks now they are Reformers. Do they know what a "reformer" is?