Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Good Things

It was 85 degrees yesterday. October 14. 85 degrees. In Marquette, MI it was 77. On October 14. A record.

I was really bummed that I had to spend my lunch hour inside at Sam’s Club picking up The Kitty’s meds. I’m going to have to get a new pharmacy, not that I have any problems with them, I like them, they’re good people. I go to the counter, I tell them what I want and they tell me it’ll be about 10 minutes. I then have to spend ten minutes wandering around the Sam’s Club. I need a pharmacy housed in a auto parts store.

There are so many things I want at Sam’s Club! I saw a really cute, festive albeit tasteful sweater that would be perfect for the holidays - Until I asked my self Where are you going? Do you have secret plans? The only thing you need for the holiday’s are festive flannel Pjs because sitting  on the couch watching Rudolph  is the yearly average of of your holiday partying, and I all ready have an extensive wardrobe of flannel Pjs. I’m not getting any sweaters. Even really cute sweaters! with a tasteful bit of festive bling. Sigh. The off white would be perfect or the gray or even the black. The only one I’m not pinning for is the red, it was a cheap red, not a festive red, a red you would see at a GOP Christmas party. In Natchez.

I saw all kinds of things I wanted! Large, unnecessary Christmas decorations of largely questionable taste! Huge boxes of bows! Whole stands of wrapping paper! Books! Books I may not want to read but Books! Kids Books! Books that you can pet books that chirp and blink or are full of pretty pictures! A stroller and assorted supplies for your stuffed Dog! Large Toys! Large Toys for Tiny E! Tonka Trucks! Tonka Front End Loaders! Indiana Jones themed Toys! Rocking Dinosaurs! Toys for me! They sell purses at Sam’s Club. Nice purses that I want and leather jackets that I need . I hate Sam’s Club.

I didn’t buy any of it. I got a cheap slice of pizza and The Kitty’s meds and I was out the door. I stopped at the Farmers Market and picked up two smallish pumpkins to soothe myself and to compliment my big plug-in pumpkin I bought at Target - So, they multi-tasked. Very efficient pumpkins.

I’ve been shopping too often. Not really spending much but spending too much time looking at things that I could buy if I wasn’t being strong. If I wasn’t poor. If I could buy things just because I like them or I think some one else would like them. I’m sure that my credit cards would doubt it, but the world is full of things I did not buy.  Speaking of things I did not buy Micro-Fleece sheets. I need these. Micro-fleece sheets are what flannel sheet addicts turn to when flannel just isn’t enough anymore. And I didn’t buy them, Attention Santa, micro-fleece!

Thought for the Day : With toys meant for boys, attention to realism is important. The trucks are just smaller versions of their working brothers. With toys meant for girls, nothing is realistic, fantastical, pink and lavender, dreamy versions of the real thing are par for the course. Why is this? What does this speak to? How boys use their imaginations? How girls use theirs? How we train them to use their imaginations? If Tonka made a girl truck would it have to be pink? And why?

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