Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Blogging

Yea! It’s Halloween! Even better, its Halloween and it’s Friday!. Halloween just sucks when it falls on Monday, it’s unnatural. Who wants to dress up like Foghorn Leghorn or a giant cell phone on Monday? Friday on the other hand, Fridays were created to so you could dress up like a giant CD or Sarah Palin.

Last year I don’t think I dressed up at all and about half the kids who came to my door chose to trick-or-treat their favorite car thief. No one was really into it. This year though thanks to the wonders of leap year I am hoping for some real winners. If half the kids who come to my door aren’t in a suit and a blue tie I’ll be very disappointed.

At work we were planning on all wearing wigs in honor of our team mate under going chemo. She was all gung ho early and started to wear her wig before she even started treatment but now that she has, she doesn’t wear the wig, instead she wears a baseball hat. It’s just as well we didn’t all go and get wigs though because she isn’t going to be at work Friday anyway.

I entertained the thought for about three seconds of maybe going full Halloween and wearing my whole Red Riding hood drag to work. I had to rethink this because I think I would spend the day frozen in self conscience terror in my office hoping no one would walk past and that I would never have to leave my desk all day. If everyone was going to do it, it would be different. If I can talk myself into it I might go home at lunch and put it on. I am definitely going to wear it to answer the door regardless.

Speaking of scarey things. I’ve been getting emails from the McCain campaign and the RNC! Fortunately they are being caught in my spam file but still, you go in to see what’s lurking in there and get spooked by that stuff! I mean you go in expecting some ad for herbal viagra or a missive from some African prince asking me to do him a solid and hold $35 million or so bucks for a few days, and instead you find something with the heading “My Friends...” I’m really curious which of the 470 different outfits that have my addy sold it to the RNC? And why the RNC is wasting time on registered Democrats? And why am I just getting these now at this late date? It just seems kind of desperate to me.

I of course did fond costumes for the animals. I tried really hard with The Kitty to find something that spoke to his personality and his inner life and came up with nothing. Actually, I came up with the idea of putting him in a Hawaiian print shirt and stuffing him into a decorative canoe but it ended badly.

I was going to try again but he told me to go to hell. Literally, he looked at me and said Go To Hell. Not with his eyes or by creative translation of his meowing or body language, he told me Go To Hell very clearly. He hasn’t said anything since.

I turned my attention to Dogger who even if she could speak would never tell me to go to hell, she would look at me as if to say Why do you hate me? I don’t hate her, I lurf her and I want her to be happy. So I dressed her up as a princess.


Jen said...

Dogger makes such a lovely princess!
The Kitty doesn't look impressed all however - maybe he realises the connotation that canoe = water?

Diana said...

The Kitty doesn't know about boats, he does know about water and he doesn't like it. I think if did know about boats he would have spent less even time in it than he did. I told him it was a very big cat toy.

Cat said...

I laughed out loud and almost had cookies come out my nose when I saw that cat in a canoe with his Jimmy Buffett shirt on. Sorry, Kitty, but it's worth the trip to hell.