Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Day

James Taylor was in town giving free concerts in support of the Obama campaign. Yea! The good news is that the concert was held close to my office and I was able to attend. The bad news, is that all I could find about the concert was that we should show up at 11:30am - Which would have been okay, but he didn't take the stage until 12:30pm and I had to go back to work. I did get to hear him sing America the Beautiful though and it was lovely, he sounds exactly the same as he does on the radio. While I was standing around waiting I took pictures.

And after much ado... Warning, Sweet "Baby" James done grown up.

I then had to run. However, Brosky was able to hang around a little longer and he took this
I haven't seen any coverage of it, yes, quel surprise. But I would say there were maybe, a thousand? A good crowd for the middle of the day on a Tuesday. I was late back from lunch but it was worth it. The day progressed and after I got home and was greeted by my Hammacher Schlemmer Gift Preview Catalogue Score!

I found so many things I need. For example:

This is the only ridable, three-wheeled cooler with a 500-watt electric motor that propels the unit up to 14 mph, and it has a fully insulated bin that accommodates up to 24 12-oz. beverage cans and 8 lbs. of ice, allowing you to transport chilled food or beverages up to 15 miles on a single charge.

I totally need this! I can see this being soooo useful in so many situations! I mean, really, I need this toy. For reals. If you doubt how much I actually need a 14 mph cooler, no one can argue that I do need a robot that cleans gutters.
This is the only remote-controlled robot that removes leaves, small branches, and dirt from gutters. Made by iRobot®, a company founded by roboticists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
They say good fences make good neighbors, but what happens if one of those good neighbors have a bad dog? and the other good neighbor is passive aggressive?
Disguised as a birdhouse, this patented outdoor behavior modification device quickly and humanely restores peace and quiet for those vexed by a dogs nuisance barking. When a dog barks within range of the birdhouse, it emits a harmless ultrasonic tone, inaudible to humans, that startles the animal into silence.

Speaking of our furry friends. There is a special place in hell for the person who designed this little beasty
This remote-control tarantula scurries across flat surfaces like an actual arachnid, moving forwards, backwards, and rotates 360 degrees.
Now, because this is a "holiday" catalogue, it has toys and I want this toy. Give me a good reason I should not have this next item. I deserve this. I think this is right up Santa's alley and I have been a very good girl.
This motorized replica of the headstrong little "droid" from the iconic Star Wars® films responds to voice commands, navigates rooms and hallways, and makes any home feel like it has been transported to a galaxy far, far away. R2 obeys more than 40 voice commands.

RNC shells out $150K for Palin fashion . Diana the Clerk is annoyed that it would take her SEVEN YEARS to earn the money SARAH PALEN HAS SPENT ON CLOTHES IN THE LAST TWO MONTHS!!!


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Cat said...

I really, really want the 14mpg cooler. Maybe we should get it for ourselves as a joint gift and timeshare it.