Friday, October 3, 2008

My head explodes

The other day I was standing in line and the people behind me were bemoaning the fact that they could not get gas for their cars and I was thinking Wow. Sucks to be them. I can get gas for the car anywhere!, and then tonight I went down New Bern Avenue to get gas and I couldn’t get gas anywhere. I found it eventually, but my usual sources had literally, dried up. Still though, even with the closed stations I saw and I saw a lot, four in a row, I paid $3.72 for gas while the pirates at my corner are charging $4.09. Bastards.

I went  down in that direction because Dogger needed food. Mission accomplished there, I decided that my downstairs bathroom needed some bling - a soap dish, maybe some decorative accessories to make it look nicer. I’m having a guest and I’m noticing the downstairs bathroom is a little bare, only slightly less so than my wallet, so I decided to suck it up and go to Wallyworld because they should have a plentiful supply of cheap bathroom bling. They had all kinds of bling but it looked cheap but wasn’t. I then said Okay, themes are for adolescent girls, how about a solid color. Yeah. No joy there either. I could find the color I wanted but not the items and the cheap stuff they did have in stock was all ceramic and I don’t do breakables. I decided to go home and go by Poverty Barn over lunch. I mean even if it’s cheap and plastic, a cheap and plastic soap dish beats no soap dish at all.

The sirens have been tearing down the street behind my house since I came home from work. I had no idea that the specter of the VP debates were going to spawn riots! I mean seriously, it’s been hours and they seem to be running every hour on the hour. Due to how close I am to a trauma center and a fire station, I am going to hear them more than if I didn’t live so close but dayum and you know? There won’t be a word in the paper about any of it, going with the idea that the sirens are going somewhere for some reason and it’s not like they are tearing down the street for practice. I’m pretty certain that the VP debate is going to be in the paper. But not if it was held in Southeast Raleigh. Unless someone gets shot then the paper would be there and then wouldn’t that be news, if one shot the other. I could see Palen explaining how she culls wolves and caribou from helicopters and culling Biden “on accident”.

(edited to add - There were two unrelated shootings,  fortunatly no  fatalities , about a mile from my house)

Speaking of Biden. I went to the Obama headquarters after work today to pick up a new yard sign and they didn’t have any. They said as soon as they come in they go out. I mention Biden because the new signs have his name on them and the sign I have been using since before the primaries only says Obama. My sign is getting kind of weathered and I want to be able to save it and I can’t save it if it gets to weathered and it's looking kind of wind blown now. The headquarters did get some good news while I was standing there, the new signs would be in later in the evening and I can pick up a new sign Friday. I would gotten a sign to put away for posterity, but this is the new day of politics and they don’t give signs away anymore. You want a sign you have to pay for it. You put a sign in your yard and it’s a paid  political ad.

Okay. I just turned on the debate. Is Palen on purpose looking like Tina Fey? And who did Bidens’ make up? A McCain plant? He looks like a ghost. And must she say “Heck of A” and “Darn Right”? Shit.

Corporate tax cuts do not make jobs! GAWD. Corporate tax cute make bigger executive bonuses. She doesn’t answer the questions because she CAN’T ANSWER THE QUESTIONS!!! I’m going to have to turn the channels, two minutes and I’m all ready upset.. This woman could be a heart beat away from the presidency and she can’t answer simple questions. My ovaries are very ashamed right now. But you know what really upsets me? If my hair was a little longer and I straighten it, I would look just like her. I mean, for real. I wonder how fast I can dye my hair blond and get contacts?


Cat said...

I was going to throttle her if she said "Freedom," "Dern Shure," or "Nukular" one more time. Several times Tony and I looked at each other and said, "What the *&%$ is she talking about? The question was about international diplomacy, and she's talking about her third-grade class."

She had fabulous hair. The front was a little bit helmet-ish, but the back was a work of art. Still? HAIR SHOULD NOT WIN ELECTIONS!

My feminist sensibilities are also deeply offended that this was McCain's idea of a progressive candidate to draw the women's vote. I am even more offended at how well it is working.

I am a bigger fan of Biden than I used to be, after watching the debate. He may have looked ghostly, but he spoke with substance and I liked most of what he said. And again, hair should not win elections.

Eduth said...

Were we the only two people in the universe whose jaws dropped when it became apparent that "Just-Call-Me-Sarah" had no idea what the term "Achilles Heel" meant?

Yoo Hoo, Say-rah: It doesn't mean your ACCOMPLISHMENTS!

Needless to say, I did a lot of shouting at the TV screen last night. All in vain, I know, I know.

Diana said...

I would say most of her "accomplishments" would be considered Achilles Heals by most.

Diana said...

The members of the base here at the office think she's sweet and that she did a "good job", they also think the NYT gave her a "good review and they are very liberal..." Because you know, relative sweetness and not drooling, is a huge part of the VP's job, just ask Cheney.

...Not that under McCain we would have to worry about politics on the international arena, we'll just "Bomb, Bomb, Bomb" them.