Friday, October 10, 2008

Yea! Friday

Is it over all ready? Last week at this time I was stressing over my friends visit and worrying that I wasn’t going to be able to keep her entertained and occupied and Oh My Gawd! I’ve Never Driven To The Airport! I’m Going To Get Lost And She’ll Be Stranded! What Happens If She Opens My Refrigerator and Finds Out It’s Empty! What Happens If We Run Out Of Things To Talk About? Happily, none of these were an issue. A really good time was had by all.

We went to the beach

And we visited with my parents and took a trip on their boat and explored their historic town and the best part? I didn’t get lost going to the airport! Picking up or dropping off! She didn’t open my refrigerator and we never stopped talking the whole weekend. I miss her all ready! And now its Friday again. This weekend my big adventure is a trip to the vet. Which in its favor, I’ve been to before. A lot.

Hey, how about that stock market? I got a tear stained letter from my money today.

Pretty Picture of Thinking Happy Thoughts!! said the market closed almost 700 points down, it didn’t! It only dropped 678! I mean, that’s a huge difference! I mean it’s a news outlet, would it kill them to be a little more precise? I mean 22 points is a sizable number. I define “almost” as less than seven not more than twenty.
Another Pretty Picture of Thinking Happy Thoughts!!

To distract me from the non-joy, I am continuing my card work. Snapfish emailed me today and walked right into my trap. And then I looked at how much my list would run me and I let them out. It did give me an idea about the kind of frame thing I want so it wasn’t a total loss. It would have been way cool to have a card that was all one piece, like a store bought card only not.

 I think there is a reason that they don’t sell cards in card frames, I mean other than it would be really easy to steal the print or mix and match and that would mess up their inventory or it could be a great marketing thing! There is a whole generation that has grown up changing their desktop wallpaper and their skins and whatnot and wouldn’t there be a market for do-it-yourself photo cards? Offer a bunch of different images and a bunch of different sleeve choices with different colors and patterns and themes or you can use your own image and select from the sleeves. It would cost the same as a traditional card but you could personalize it. I like the idea of having a pre-written message in the card It would be Build-A-Bear for greeting cards.

I know that you can have cards made at any drugstore but those are flat cards and I don’t think they have the same oomph as a folding card. I’m a giant card snob, it’s about presentation and the flat cards just don’t carry the same gravitas as a folding card. I just ascribed levels of  "gravitas" to greeting cards...

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