Monday, November 3, 2008

Do your Part

I did something on Sunday that I haven’t done in four years : I displayed our flag. I took my old flag down on November 4, 2004 and I swore I wasn’t going to put it back up while Bushco was in office. I guess I lied.. I actually had to go buy a replacement flag because I realized if I had a pole for my flag it went by the wayside a log time ago. Ideally, I would have a widget attached to the house that you plug your flag pole into but to do so would require drilling through the brick and I’m not ready to make that commitment yet. I guess we’ll see.

To help display my flag I thought I would get a nice piece of PVC pipe and I would use that to act as a brace for the flag pole and it would strengthen the whole set up. I went with this idea because the poles I saw at the store bought were expensive and really big and I didn’t need it to be really big or really expensive. My house is not that large and I didn’t want to look like a  wanna be car dealer. I didn’t end up getting a PVC pipe, I wound up getting a nice metal pipe that was all ready cut and is much stronger and offers better support. Moving on to the flag. The flags were either really small or really large. I wanted a flag that fell in the middle between flag pin and car dealer. The only flag in-between those is the McMansion sized and even that is kind of too big. I did with what I could find and I’m hoping it doesn't take my porch airborn.

I’m also just hoping I ‘m not jumping the gun with all this flag waving. I don’t want to get all hopeful and excited over what could be another enormously crushing disappointment. The Democrats are having another Election Night party and I’m probably going to go even though when I saw the notice for it and suffered a bad flash back, I went to the last one and it was a horrible experience that I don’t wish to relive... But what happens if it isn’t the worst case scenario? What happens if we win? Getting to be a part of group joy is an experience not to be missed and I would love to be a part of it. The fact that its being held right downtown and is free makes it a very tempting offer and I’m pretty sure I’m going to go.

I started to feel really bad about my lack of participation this time around. I blame the 427 emails and phone calls I get every day begging me to do something. So I did something : I agreed to volunteer for the campaign. I thought I was agreeing to phone bank but as it turns out, I was agreeing to canvass. I hate canvassing. I did a lot of canvassing the last time, every weekend for the last month or so of the campaign and I wasn’t going to do it again. I still hate it. But I did it and I learned that I am the only registered Democrat in Wake County that has not yet voted. The canvasser ( the second this time around) who came to my door today told me that more people voted early across the state than voted in the last election, total. Wow. GO OBAMA!!!

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