Wednesday, November 19, 2008

She’s Saucy!

In honor of our first real cold snap and our first “snow” of the season. It wasn’t so much snow as it was like pollen from a snow tree, it wafted around in a very unsnowlike way. Also? For much of the time it was “snowing” , the sun was shining. I know what it means when there is rain and bright sun - it means that the devil is beating his wife, but what does snow and sunshine speak to?

I decided to “make” some spaghetti sauce. I use quotes around make because my Mother makes spaghetti sauce from scratch. I just added ground meats and frozen pre-chopped peppers and onions to a jar of Prego and dumped garlic into the pot. I don’t think utilizing jar sauce meets the definition of “making”. I did however brown the meet and sauteed the peppers and onions and added spices to give it taste. Prego on it’s own has no taste. I also boiled the spaghetti. I don’t know what got into me, but it was cold and kind of snowique-ing outside and the thought of standing in front of the stove for a while sounded very seasonal and I had this ground chicken in the refrigerator that wasn’t getting any younger.... It was all about synergy.

Did you know that even the smallest jar of Prego is a huge amount of Prego? Would Prego-for-one make someone somewhere to depressed to live? Is it written somewhere they can only sell Prego in vats? So now I have a lot of spaghetti sauce. Lots of sauce. Lots and lots. Enough I should never have to make sauce again. Too bad for Prego, now I never have to buy spaghetti sauce again. Great marketing strategy there.

I would have rather bought any size of Newman’s Own I bet Paul Newman didn’t believe in marginalizing a whole segment of the buying public!  whatever market research they did for my Kroger must have uncovered that “ the community” did not respond to charitable spaghetti sauce, no matter how twinkly and good of heart or it could just be simply that Kroger sucks.  If I had sucked it up and gone to a grocery in North Raleigh, I would still be standing there trying to decide which variety of which brand to take home. I think the last time I looked for sauce at Poverty Barn I had more of a selection than at my store.

The woman in front of me in line was buying her whole Thanksgiving dinner while the guy behind me was picking up a carton of smokes and enough 40s for a crowd. Holiday in the Hood.


Cat said...

I loved that snow yesterday-- it was the best kind of snowstorm. Not enough to stick, with sunshine to keep it warm.

You know spaghetti sauce freezes really well. Just make a bunch of single-serving-size freezer bags or tupperwares full, and when you're ready to eat, dump the frozen brink into a small pot and reheat it over low-med heat.

Cat said...

...brick, not brink.

Diana said...

It's something that should be in every freezer.