Monday, November 10, 2008


I am right now trying very hard to talk myself out of my third shopping trip of the day. It’s not my fault. Shopping trip one was to the mall and they all ready had Christmas carols going and the halls decked and everywhere we went they were selling Christmas ointments and I was brain washed, really, its not my fault! Shopping trip number two was an errand for Santa and a visit to a store that had every available flat surface covered with nativity scenes, really, the floor in the form of hand knotted rugs , the ceiling as delicate mobiles and the walls in beautifully expressed multi-media art installations. And of course, hundreds of others on the shelves. And of course, Christmas ornaments - hand made, fair trade and certified green. There were dozens of angels constructed of our biggest imports and influences to the third world: land mines, coke cans and gum wrappers.

It’s Santas fault I now need to go out again! If I do go out again I could get a gift put to bed! It would just be one down about thirty-seven thousand to go but I could get one off my list. If I could just do that one little thing I could feel like I was accomplishing something. What I really hate? I’m stressing over this and it’s the beginning of November, How crazed am I going to be by the time its really time to get on the stick? But. I can’t go to the store tonight, I have to get ready for the week, I have chores to do, laundry to finish and three animals that need to be taken care of...

Yes, three animals. Mini-Kitty is staying here and she is so happy about it. Just thrilled to pieces that she is trapped in hell spending some time with us! The Kitty is just beside himself with joy! Actually, The Kitty didn’t seem to know Mini-Kitty was in the house until I thought it 2was a good time for a play date and I threw them in together. The Kitty used a safety word about ten minutes after I left him. It’s really sad seeing a really large cat trying to slither under a door - I mean, a first I laughed, ‘cause it was funny! but then I felt bad about it and I let him out. I only put him in there because every time I go in there Mini-Kitty treats me like a conquering hero. I’ve never been able to pet her and she’s never touched me on purpose and now out of nowhere she’s handing out head butts and purring like a engine and being all cute and sweet. I thought she was lonely but now I see it as a honey trap. Evil beastie.

After she got through with mt cat I went in to see her and she was all sweetness and light before she drew blood. The damnable little beast can sit in my hand and she should be registered as a lethal weapon. Although in real life she would sit in my hand only after she tore it from my body.

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