Monday, November 24, 2008


Raleigh Christmas Parade   . Sorry no Santa picture but  I hadn't been able to feel my feet in an hour and I decided that if it was between waiting for him and getting frost bite, I didn't want to have to ask him for toes. I think he understood.

After I could feel my feet again I went to the book sale  and spent money, on the upside,  I saved $357.37!  I went with the idea I was going to stay away from the more expensive $2 hardbacks and stick with the .50 paperbacks... I ended up with fourteen hardbacks and nineteen paperbacks, plus a handful that didn't have any prices listed.

Oh, I also did the most decadent thing evah. I needed to rake my yard, actually, I needed to rake the yard a while ago but I had other things on my plate that I actually wanted to do, so I had put it off . I looked for the rake and when I couldn't find it ( some one took it, bastards) , I thought I was out of business. And then I remembered the blower. Oh. my.gawd. Rake? what rake?


Anonymous said...

I bet your neighbors loved the blower!

Unknown said...

I think the tidy lawn makes the noise worth it.