Monday, December 15, 2008

Cookie Crumbs

The cookies are done  and more importantly,  I am done with the cookies. The final count was 981 cookies in bacon/cheese, peanut butter, milk and bacon.  I was going to stick with just bacon/cheese but then I got very tired of bacon/cheese and needed to change it up. Also? my house was being to reek of bacon and cheese, which you would think wouldn't be a bad thing, I mean who doesn't like the smell of bacon? Live with it non-stop for a few days and then get back to me.

So then I made the peanut butter which made me feel bad because Dogger can't have peanut butter ( bad, bad, evil potassium does not work for Addisonian doggies) so I then had to make the milk batch because Dogger can have milk and then I ran out of cheese so I made the just bacon batch. I made small bones and large bones and teeny bones and two different sizes of stars and if I could have found a small enough Santa I would have made Santa's in small, medium and teeny too.

That's what almost a thousand dog treats look like.  Then it was time for gift bagging and over thinking. I had thirteen names on my list and dogs of various sizes. This year I wanted to make small cookies for the small dogs, so I made small cookies in all but the milk flavored, I so I could add a layer of pain-in-my-ass later on.  Differentiating between the two sizes didn't seem like it was going to be as complicated as it turned out to be.  I thought I made it easy for myself but it just added a second additional layer of  pain-in-my-ass. And this year I didn't even stress myself about the individual cookie counts per bag and making sure they were all the same. I mean, I made sure every bag got sameish number of cookies, I just didn't stress too much on how much of each variety each bag ended up. In the past I've spent a lot of time dumping out bags and counting and all but weighing bags to make sure they were all identical. Having two different sets of cookies put an end to that. I chose not to worry on how many big cookies verses how many small cookies and all that attendant bother, i.e Oh no! This bag has fourteen bacon cookies while this other bag has thirteen! Oh No! the same bag has six large milk stars and it's only supposed to have five! Now I have to start all over!.  Everyone ended up with a nice bag of cookies. End of story.
I wasn't finished. Some of the cookies need to be shipped and they won't let you ship plastic bags! Imagine! My plastic bags kind of suck too, so I don't blame them. I've had two burst because they suck, they are cute, cute, cure but not made to stand the test of time. So, more stress, more time at Wallyworld and another layer of  pain-in-my-ass. The thing is? I actually enjoy all this work because people seem to like the cookies and I know their dogs do and its a gift they can use. Tomorrow I'm taking the folks at work their cookies so all of them will be out of my life by Tuesday at lunch at the latest. Then I can turn my attention to taking care of the humans on my list.

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