Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I made more dog cookies. I wasn't going to make more cookies until, oh, Spring? but I went into Doggers cookie tin and came up empty. I entertained the thought of going and buying her more cookies, maybe some fancy ones with carob, but to get  those mythical fancy carob cookies I would have to go outside and  it's really cold and I didn't want to go out in the cold more than I didn't want  to make more cookies.

Poor Dogger. She didn't have any cookies and here I still had flour and bacon and all the while I was debating going out and buying store bought cookies! I felt bad. I had made home made cookies for just about every dog I know and my dog was looking down bag-o-store-bought-cookies If everyone else gets home made cookies, why should my dog settle for store bought? Also, the Kitchen Aid was scheduled to go back to its house. Tonight, however was still in my house... I decided it would be easier to clean the mixer a second time and make the cookies myself than to go out in the cold to buy some strangers cookies.

In honor of Christmas, a Christmas quiz

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