Tuesday, December 30, 2008


All of a sudden he’s so little. I feel like I can hold him in one hand. He’s shrunk.

At first I thought he was just mad at me because barfing and leaving cat bombs out of spite is not beyond him. I ran out of his food right around Thanksgiving and had to use a allegedly gluten free substitute.. I would argue it’s gluten freeness. It seemed kind of gluten-y. I switched back to his old food and then I thought he was mad at me because I was making dog cookies and spending a lot of time in the kitchen with Dogger. The Kitty is all about his grudge. Time passed. No more cat bombs!

 But then little barfy bomb-lets began to appear again, these coincided with a visit by Mini Kitty and I naturally blamed her. But there were bomb-lets where there was not Mini.  I thought then that he was the source and he was being grudgy that there was this other cat in his house. I kept them separated and thought this would help - And it did, until it didn’t and The Kitty was spending a lot of time in his foam house.

Then there were the Kitty unfriendly changes. I now new ginormous area rug in the living room. The thing about beautiful floors is that to keep them that way they must be kept out of sight. I also scored a very lovely dresser for the upstairs and that provoked me to move the heretofore unused futon from the upstairs to the office. I The Kitty was being hidey because he was unhappy about the changes. He had loved the futon.

I was away from the house a lot. I left and he was fine, I came back and he was not. Very, very not. When I left he was eating. When I came back he was not. Days late, I jumped into action. He was listless, weak and flat. Also, after he threw up on me, he threw up on the floor and then fell into it. I gave him his second bath ever, he had his first bath ten years ago. 10 years! I’ve had my kitty for ten years. The last time he fought me, hard, ten years later, he just lay there, flat. I decided he was listless because he was dehydrated. I hydrated him. He didn’t fight having a syringe forced down his throat. Flat.

Saturday night we curled up and watched War Inc., John Cusack does not approve of the Iraq war and he hates Dick Cheney and Haliburton. A lot. I also finished up Woof, a book of essays about peoples love for their dogs. Mostly their dead dogs. Looking back I probably should have stuck to my double issue of Entertainment Weekly. Sunday he was not improved but he was a little annoyed by the involuntary hydration program I had instituted. Monday I called the vet and $216 later we knew his bladder was full while his bowels were empty. I was shocked since he hadn’t eaten in DAYS and I had been forcing water down his throat. The vet took $140 worth of blood and will let me know Tuesday why The Kitty is flat.

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