Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pretty, shiny things

Well another evening another Christmas realted  task off my list. I put together my Christmas cards! Woo! Now all I have to do it sign them and address, stamp and mail the lot of them! So really, I only started the whole project and it is a project. I got the dull part of the project finished so still, Yay me!

History of Christmas Cards

I also put my breakable ornaments on the top third of the tree. The tree was creeping me out all lit up and naked, it looked funny so I fixed it. The new tree is pre-lit, it's lit all over it, the whole tree, top to bottom. This is a new thing for tree's in my house. I have a cat, so it's been my habit for oh the last 10 years to not decorate or light the bottom several feet of tree. I learned this the hard way. Big tree, little kitten. Massive head ache. I learned my lesson and The Kitty seemed to learn his.

The tree has been up for a week but only now lit up regularly and covered with interesting shiny things. Thus far The Kitty seems to not be terribly interested in it yet. We shall see once the non-breakable ornaments go on the tree this weekend.

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