Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sick Kitty

I hope your holidays were as great as mine! Did you all get neat stuff? I did!  Did you shop the day after? I did! Did ya'll save a lot of money? I did!

The only sour note would be that The Kitty seems to be having another health crises. He has one year, unusually while we are a fifteen-hundred miles from his vet. This year he must have decided  that since we had access to a good vet in Marquette,  he would chose  to up the stress factor by side-stepping vacation and going instead with The Holidays as his target crisis time. He's so special. (He is, he really is! Best. Cat. Ever. He's my baby.)

He had been having his trademark lower GI problem but then that symptom went away and he started to vomit.  A lot. He had been stable for a few days but all of a sudden he isn't eating or drinking and he's listless and seems really weak. The not drinking is a real worry and I've been shooting water down his throat with a syringe since Saturday night, the first few times I did that he was so weak that he didn't even complain. He's complaining a little now. Yay.

Monday morning we are making a visit to our vet to get this sorted out. Please think happy, healthy, easily treatable thoughts for my baby kitty.

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