Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Yay! Wednesday!

I think Dogger wishes she could sit on my shoulder, I see her watching Tiny perched on my shoulder and she just looks wistful and big very, very big. She has never looked so large. She’s a big dog, I can forget that sometimes, especially as I am not walking her as much I see fewer, other, smaller dogs. On her own she could maybe pass for a golden, until you see a real golden and Dogger looks more like a Rot, until you see a real Rot and Dogger looks more like a pony. A short pony. My little baby puppy pony.

Tiny curled up in a cat ball on my shoulder and I heard Dogger sigh deeply. I’ve told her that I love her just the way she is but she knows she’s never rode around on my shoulder and it makes her uneasy about her role now. She didn’t have these issues with The Kitty because he never rode around on my shoulder either as well as she was the beta from the get go and she was okay with that, she was at the bottom of the totem pole as a puppy in the yard and she made the transition from that pack to The Kitty’s pack without any problem. Now? For the first time in her entire life she has seniority. She’s very conflicted, she wants to love Tiny unconditionally but she also wants Tiny to know his place as she knew hers.
Apropos of nothing, is right now a good time to be releasing a movie called Confessions of a Shopaholic? This morning the front page of my local paper had in 72 point type 47 THOUSAND JOBS LOST . If I was the movie studio I think I would quietly pull this film and shelve it for the time being. I think a movie about the joys of responsibly-free profligate spending might not strike the same cord as it did when it was green-lit a year and a half ago. Now? This movie is in really bad taste. I read one of the The Shopaholic books and I hated her in print , I can only imagine how much I would loathe her in celluloid. She never shopped at Big Lotts!

Unless they make her some sort of example of bad judgement and poor choices and wastefulness. It would be great if they could CGI a McCain/Palin button on her just to bring home what a brain dead ninny the character is. Or they could play it like a “Once upon a time in a land far, far away...” vibe, maybe tint everything sepia.

Oh! apropos of nothing pt. 2! Monday I was driving back from lunch and I saw this van and I idly read the writing on it and it said Sedaris Floors , SEDARIS! It was The Rooster! He’s a flooring guy! I’ve read about him in David Sedaris’ books! And there was his van with Sedaris and some crazy looking cartoon flooring guy emblazoned across the side. I was thrilled! It was like a brush with a brush with celebrity. I was really excited . I knew he was a real person and everything and the family grew up in Raleigh and that some of the family still lives here but it was still kind of wild. I kind of thought the flooring thing was a cover for what he really did, like roofing or house painting or something. If I had flooring needs I could hire him to do it! And then I could say that the floors were done by David and Amy Sedaris brother! I wonder if that would affect re-sale someday? You know, newish roof, finished attic, new HVAC, no drug dealers in airspace, floors by Amy Sedaris, author, frequent guest on Letterman and David, author, NPR contributor’s younger brother!, from his books! The Rooster! . I would pay more, hey, if the people who remodeled the drug dealers house and its sump-pump-free, flood prone basement actually get $191,900 for the house? I may not have to re-finish the floors all! I’d just put a sign in the yard saying Buy Me! My basement pumps itself out!

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