Monday, February 9, 2009

Four Days ago I was wearing a parka, today I wore a tee-shirt.

At probably 14 weeks old, Tiny Kitty is slowing turning into a cat, with a clearly delineated front-middle-end like a grown cat instead of the fluffy, undefined ball like creature he has been - emphasis on slowly, “real” cats don’t spend the day on fast forward , bouncing around like a super ball. He doesn’t simply move from one place to another, he bounds from place to place. The Kitty only worked his way up to a bound if he thought he was headed toward something I didn’t want him to eat, like bread or away from something I did want him to eat, like his pills - The Kitty could move really fast if there was a doughy pay off in play. Other cats hunt mice, my cat hunted dinner rolls.

Speaking of animals, I’m listening to Dogger snore on the futon. Tiny is curled up under the sadly disused exercise bike. He’s had a busy day, I made him go outside for the first time! I pulled out The Kitty’s old mesh tube and introduced Tiny to it. He liked it better than The Kitty did but he seemed confused about this whole “outdoors” thing and why he was out in it in this contraption. He did a lot better than The Kitty who would yowl the whole time he was in there and he was a cat that liked the outdoors. Tiny didn’t even know it was an option and he seemed pretty okay with the whole thing.

Back inside, Dogger and Tiny will stretch out on the futon for these power naps but I think that Dogger sleeps better when the tiny, potentially tasty prey animal isn’t right there and for Tiny’s part he sleeps better when the huge potentially hungry predator isn’t right there. I understand. A couple of seconds ago they roused themselves independently and stretched and yawned in concert. So cute.

I have gotten so much nothing accomplished this weekend. Sometimes I set out to do nothing and am damn successful, other times I decided that I am going to get everything done and then actually get everything done and while I am very proud of myself, I also am relived to back at work on Monday because I need the rest. Not this weekend though, I set the bar very low and I worked to expectations : I did the laundry . I didn’t put away the laundry or even bring the laundry back upstairs but I did get that laundry done. I have clean clothes. The fact that I have clean clothes in a basket in the basement is irrelevant.

This time of year I can get away with doing nothing and not feel bad about it. In a few months I’m going to have a garden to serve and a yard to mow and my days of sitting guilt free on the futon with the animals will be over. I can rationalize laying around like a lump when its cold out but it just feels wrong when its nice out. Speaking of out, While we were out earlier Dogger grazed on the dead grass and chewed up some twigs, hours later Dogger decided that she had to let the outdoors back out right now. Yuck. The ideal puppy training class would cover training the dog to yack only in approved of , easy to clean areas, like the tiled bathroom floor or on the kitchen linoleum . I hope she feels better because now I’m nauseosus.

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