Friday, February 13, 2009

Friends of Friends

You can think of today as either the dreaded Friday the 13th or as the day before Valentines Day. I think I prefer to think of it as Friday the 13th, it has better connotations.

I’m still spending too much time on Crack Book. Its fun though, every new name is a flash of memory and a shock of excitement. I called one of my friends from college and we went though various lists of friends of friends. Hey remember so and thus? No... Wait? Did he date Whoosie? Who was the guy who was always on skates? Was his name Chris? No! It was Thus and Thus! Oh, remember So and So?! . It can be kind of disheartening when I realize that I just can’t remember who a lot of these people are or I only remember them as people who dated someone I knew better. I can’t remember if we were friends then or if I even liked them. There were a lot of people I didn’t like. You think Christian Bale can throw a fit? He’s an amateur.

And the people I see are just the theater people. I must have known other people while I was there, but other than a grand total of four people I knew through the dorms as I can’t remember  full names of anyone else I was close to. I was friends with a guy named Noodle but they don’t have nicknames on Crack Book. I’m pretty sure that his real name was Michael but that doesn’t really narrow it down, every guy I knew was named Michael. I also knew a guy named Jason and a girl whose name I can’t remember but she had dark hair and she shot a goldfish bowl at the honors dorm, and there was this girl names Robin and her friend who I’m sure had a name other than Robin’s Friend. I know I had a lot of friends outside the theater department, okay maybe not a lot but I must have. I took classes outside so I must have known other people. I just didn’t know their names.

My high school people aren’t much better. I’m pretty much friending the college people as long as I don’t remember actively disliking them at the time or if I remember them as being popular and out of my league so if I friended them now would I just look even more pathetic than they probably remember me being at school.

The high school people are harder because there is so much more history there and it feels like more of a statement, but then one of the other girls has Calvin as a friend and she wasn’t even in our kindergarten class! So maybe I am entirely over thinking this whole thing. There are names I recognize and if they were people from college I would add them without really thinking but it isn’t and they didn’t and I can’t or I could I just don’t want to. Do I really need to know how Calvin Mims is doing? I mean I don’t think we’ve spoken since fourth grade. Do I want to blast back into his life? Does he remember who I am? Does he want to? Does he remember me being a total mean girl like I remember the likes of that girl Colleen who was such a grade school beyotch.

And what if he does? Is that totally going to mess with my groove if some guy I knew in elementary school doesn’t friend me? (edited to add, he did! Yay  for more validation!)

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