Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Weekend

The only good thing about good about the Valentines Day candy and gifts and related heart shaped crap is the day-after-Valentines-75% off- candy, gifts and heart shaped crap. I would feel really bad about getting any of that stuff knowing that in a few hours its going to be 75% off. Why would you want a partner who would waste money like that? Smart couples should agree to celebrate Valentines on February 15th. For my part I celebrated the holiday by baking seven dozen pink, heart shaped cookies for Dogger.

Post treat-o-rama, I went to Target. I went there Sunday on a mission to buy doggie toothpaste and left out of there with considerably more than my doggie toothpaste. It is only through an act of Gawd that I did not also leave there with two gorgeous, deeply marked down lamp shades that any one of my home improvement shows would turn into clever swag lamps. I totally wish I needed a couple of cleaver, DIY swag lamps. Target is also evil because in addition to offering deeply discounted home decor items, they do not carry toothpaste for cats. Petsmart carries toothpaste that is formulated for both cats and dogs but they charge twice what Target does for its single formatted toothpaste. Target may sell kitty toothpaste and it’s probably with the kitty flea and tick meds they also did not seem to carry. Cat Bigots! They are just lucky that Tiny’s real teeth haven’t come in yet.

I wouldn’t have this problem if Wally World stilled carried Hartz toothpaste, it was formulated for both cats and dogs and had a pleasant beefy taste. It didn’t make empty promises about post brush fresh breath either. What animal cares about fresh breath? I don’t think I’ve ever caught Dogger or any other dog I’ve ever known checking their breath. And even if the animal is some freak that does care about their breath, and even if you spend a lot of time doing mouth-mouth with your dog, no post brush fresh breath is going to last for long. Dogs have dog breath if you need to spend a lot of time with your nose in Fidos’ mouth, learn to breath through your mouth.

Another thing that made me hate Target . They had a huge amount of clothes on sale and I didn’t want any of them! Hateful Target! They did have some cute mini-trenches that I could totally see myself in but they weren’t on sale. I’m fearful for that Target though, there was a lot on sale and not enough not for sale, if that makes sense. It also had a lot of empty spaces and no Muzak playing. I’m glad its not my primary Target because otherwise I would have been really alarmed.

After my disturbing visit to Target it was onto Sam’s Club to pick up lunch for next week and freebie snacks for now, right up until I walked in the doors and into a line. I decided that next weeks lunch could be picked up next week. I took the tour of snacks and headed home. I don’t know how you spent your valentines weekend but I spent it eating freebies and discounted candy and feeding my dog pink dog treats. How Romantic.

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