Monday, March 2, 2009


I got more done this weekend than I had thought I was going to accomplish. It didn't help that I slept in Saturday to a thoroughly unacceptable hour. Sleeping all day is great in theory but the reality is that you slept all day. Great for the sleep debt not so great for the to-do list.

Saturday it rained and was cold. Sunday it rained and was colder. In theory this was a boon to my need to get some housework done but it was so nasty I didn't want to do anything but curl up in front of the TV.  It was so nasty outside I didn't even want to go out in it to go shopping and I just got paid! Do you know how wrong that is?!

Since I was housebound I thought I might get some chores done that I have been neglecting because I didn't want to do them.  My big victory was to reclaim my downstairs bedroom from the forces of storage. I had been using the room as Santa's workshop  since before Thanksgiving and it was  past time to send Santa back to the North Pole. I got the ball rolling by removing the wrapping paper and evicting the tree box. I moved the tree box from the middle of the bedroom to the middle of the living room.

Not everything gave me such a feeling of accomplishment. I also had been storing Tex's' litter box, his foam box house where he spent his last hours, his old kitty bed and last but not least, his beloved Baby. I couldn't just shift Baby to the living room so I made room for it and the foam box in one of the closets, his litter box now lives in the basement along with a huge space hogging plastic box that held a pair of shorts and a flannel shirt that had been sharing space in the middle of the floor with the tree box.

After putting away months clothes in search of hangers, disposing of  two weeks worth of Sunday papers dating from last spring and re-homing some other random items that apparently grew in place while I was pretending that room wasn't there.. I  also remade the bed, vacuumed the floor and proudly introduced Tiny to the new room. I didn't do this purely out of desire to reclaim some square footage from the forces of clutter, my parents are coming next weekend and I didn't think they wanted to share the futon with Dogger.

All these home improvement made me look at my dining room and wonder what it would be like to actually use my dinning room table as a table and not as a closet. The weather has sucked a different way almost every day and after eight years here, I have a coat for every  sucky weather situation and they were all stacked on my dinning room table. No more! I put a fresh new table cloth on it and decided against a centerpiece and now I have a dinning room table in my dinning room! It's kind of exciting.My next project in the dinning room is to find where Dogger is mining all the paper she's finding to shred. She shows no interest whatsoever in my junk mail, she;s not just a retriever, boxer, rotty mix she's also part blood hound with a specialization in first-class-mail.

Things  I did not get done: The attic is still out-of-control, dog cookies did not get made, the kitchen and bathrooms did not get cleaned, the tree box is still sitting in the middle of the floor and my laundry is still in baskets in the living room.

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