Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Long Day's Journey into another long day

Very early Monday morning, after blithely barreling past the No through traffic sign, which obviously did not pertain to me. I approached my darkened office building, just like old times I thought and noticed that no one else was at work either. Good for us and the only car in my lot was a immorally parked survey van, they can park in that lot, but they shouldn't and they know better . I did not stop at my building though and instead made a left and meandered of campus.  I had an appointment to keep.

I was headed to the SPCA to get Tiny snipped. I thought that if they were there at 7am they would surely be there at 6:30 and maybe I could get him checked in and dropped off and go get some coffee before leisurely going into work. Very civilized, I thought.  There were not there at 6:30 or 6:45 or 6:55. They were there at 7am. Not one minute sooner and then I stood in line. I did not get coffee before work and I did not  get to take my leisure going in.  I had to wait to spring the news on my boss that Dogger hurt herself again and I needed to take some unscheduled time again to rush her to the vet again. Fortunately, she was fine about it. Again.

I went home at lunch and picked up a limping Dogger for her appointment. Dogger is actually in really good spirits this time around, even though she must feel how familiar this all is. I took her out first thing in the morning to go pee and then carefully brought her back into eat in her room and then tucked her in and left her to sleep it all off. Much to my shock she wanted to go  hobbling out again a little later. We got outside and she wanted to go in the car. I  had told her that were were going to the vet, but I hadn't been specific enough. It was kind of funny in a lame dog limps to a car door and whines for her veterinarian kind of way. I guess you had to be there.

Later on we did go to the vet and she did a manual exam of her knee and felt some swelling. Not as much as she expected to find and not nearly as much as she would have found on an acutely blown knee. That's swell, I thought.

We go back today for an x ray, to know for sure. I all ready know for sure, its her knee and its as bad as it was before. We couldn't do it Monday because I had to go get Tiny at five and I can't be in two places at once.  I felt at the time if her knee was bad that with the assistance of my handy dandy insurance that I would just get the surgery done...Until I spoke with my insurance... BASTARDS. Now, I'm just hoping to repeat our miserable, depressing, exhausting experience from the first time the happened to the other leg. If we're lucky.

How many fully functional knees does a dog need anyway?

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Auntie Oh, dear said...

In Dogger's case, none?