Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I'm all alone in the office. Dogger is in her crate in the livingroom on mandatory total bed rest, Tiny, twenty four hour post-operative, is upstairs "resting" and "taking it easy". Neither is happy. I'm not really happy either. I want my  healthy, happy babies back.

Tiny has to be upstairs because he wants to run all over the house and jump and leap from every surface. My instructions for him were that I was to keep him quite and calm and to forbid licking. Have you ever tried to tell a five month old kitten to sit quietly and rest? Forget telling him to not lick himself! I'm having a hard time delineating "grooming" from "wound licking". He is still taking two different pain meds but they end today. Oh, he now weighs in at 6.5 pounds.

Dogger, at 78 pounds,  will be on pain meds for a while. Dogger is in real pain. I am in real pain. The time for surgery is now, ASAP. There is no more waiting and seeing because the new injury is not going to heal itself with bed rest. This time we can't just put our faith in time and prayer, we have to put our faith in a surgeon and we have to do this sooner rather than later. My vet cheated a little and gave me the name of a vet surgeon she worked with out of school and he might be able to help me out, if he can't, I still have a line of credit with another surgeon that I set up the last time Dogger was injured, that surgeon wanted $1500 last July.

And the insurance  I got so I could protect myself and to assure Dogger would get the care she needs isn't going to pay a dime. BASTARDS. I'm on the hook for it all, fortunately, I have my tax refund, unfortunately, I normally use that all year as padding in my checking account for unexpected expenses and bits of whimsy.  No whimsy makes me sad but the thought of losing my dog makes me even sadder.

 I'm putting in cost cutting procedures. I've all ready changed out my pricey cable, if I can't come to a meaningful dialogue with the insurance people I'll be saving that money every month too! I want them to understand that  if they don't pay for at least part of the procedure then they are a luxury item and I can't afford luxury items like them any longer, like all those Stein Mart and Target commercials are saying "Times are hard" , and there is no sense to pay for nothing - which seems to be my insurance company is positioning themselves to be. Are there any "magic words" to use when talking with an insurance company about their failure to pay out? I am also talking about a refi with a mortgage person, the last time I spoke with her the rates hadn't fallen enough to make a real difference to me but at this point any savings would be welcomed.

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