Monday, March 23, 2009


I was going to talk about all I got done this weekend. Because I got a lot done, I was proud of me. I went to the St. Patrick Dayish Parade, I did my laundry, I got my tomato braces, I did the manual labor for my dirt, and I mowed my lawn and edged for the first time this season. I also learned that you can mow your yard with your weed wacker.

Monday, Tiny is scheduled for his surgery. I’ll drop him off at the Garner SPCA at 7am and then I go to work. I can pick him up at 5pm. I was really looking forward to getting this done and I know it’s a good thing but now I can't stop thinking about the kitten of a woman I used to work with, she dropped her kitten off for her surgery and then the kitten died on the table! What if something happens to Tiny?

I took Dogger in for her surgery and I didn’t give the whole thing a second thought. I dropped her off, I picked her up. Now... Oh, speaking of Dogger. I think she hurt her other knee, the good knee. She was chasing Tiny around the living room and she leaped over the hassock and started yelping. I yelped. I went to her and she was limping around. I took her back to her room and fed and pilled her. She’s sleeping now.

I was going to talk about what a good weekend I had.

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