Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Dogger had a quite an evening. She got dinner, as she gets every day but still which always seems to come as a complete surprise to her, and then as an after dinner treat she she experenced the joy of completely destroyed a toy necessating I vacuum the living room at length - another point for the evening for her as she knows Tiny doesn't like the vacuum. Dogger has a good wide streak of passive aggression in her. She may not want to bite off Tinys head but she takes great pleasure in messing with it.

Then Dogger had a nice walk - in the rain. It hadn't rained all day and I thought I was safe but as soon as we hit the corner it began to rain. Little known fact,  walks in the rain aren't nearly as romantic as TV and movies and pop songs make them out to be! You never see any of the movie people walking around with fogged up glasses or soaked pants and wet shoes or frizzy hair .  I think having a gooey song playing over the scene and a well edited montage helps and  I left my Ipod at home. My bad, because perhaps with the right song playing it would have been dreamy.

Then Dogger got a bath and all her bedding laundered and a whole bunch of cookies for being a good girl in the bath. Dogger had a nice night.

Dinner for me involved re-learning that canned crab bought from a dollar store is in no way analogous to canned tuna and is not good with mac and cheese as it has the same consistency as dryer lint. Add it too cheese and it becomes cheesy lint. Nummy. Post nummy dinner, I  had to vacuum up the remains  of a stridently messy dog toy, take Dogger for a walk in the rain, give the dog a bath, clean up after said bath, launder all her bedding and then replace the bedding. My futon is a bitch to get back in the the upright position.

Same evening, same activities, same players, different versions. Gawd, it was like Roshashanan!

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