Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Birds of a Feather

I had a rough day at work, the upside being  that I still have a job and the downside being that a handful of my coworkers are as dumb as I suspected they were. I get to keep coming to work but I get to keep working with idiots. Also? completely non-related to the Idiotpaloza, I am now on Twitter!

After work I watched two hours of Curb Appeal and  fed and watered everything that required feeding and watering my leafy pets outside and my furry pets inside  as well as taking Dogger on a  therapeutic walk and cleaning out two cat boxes. I decided it was time for some Diana Time.

Literally and figuratively I decided it was time to get back on the bike. The bike which had been living in the car since last fall, had been  taken out of the car and locked up outside the back door "temporarily" since Dogger hurt herself .The bike has been outside for a while. I had kept saying to myself that I was going to go out one evening and get some exercise but something always came up and somebody always needed something. That's life in the woman lane, everyone no matter how furry gets what they want before you do. Anyway, I had finally arranged for some "me time" and I was ready to roll.

Or not.

The front tire was flat. No soft, not a little spongy, flat. I said "Okay! I'll just pull out my bike pump and I'll fix that in a jiffy!". Okay, I didn't utilize "jiffy", it was probably "Me go make tire round now again".  Anyway, I found the pump and attached it to the tire. And attached it to the tire.. And attached it to the tire. It kept popping off and spraying me with brown water, over and over again. I was burning daylight here and didn't have time for this kind of  low comedy. I was also afraid that somebody somewhere was stranding there with a clipboard taking notes and laying bets on how often I was going to repeat the behavior before I figured out it wasn't getting me to the cheese and I need to try going the other direction. After more tries than were necessary to learn that I was doing it wrong, I locked up the bike and decided that if I was going to be outside feeding the neighborhood mosquitoes,  what I really wanted to do was to water my morning glory seeds.

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