Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tweet, tweet

At first eating five or six Cadbury eggs for lunch seems like a good idea - while you are painting the exterior of your house, putting 24 inch rims on your Mini Van and laying new sod simultaneously, but a few hours later you won’t be able to pull yourself off the couch. If the Powers That Be didn’t want me to eat so many of them they wouldn’t have been selling them for a penny each, that was a .49 discount! Per egg! . They don’t age well, you know. The good news is I have a new lawn, My van is bangin' and the outside of my house is pink.

I also joined Twitter, (but not while under the influence of candy eggs) where I can now “follow” such luminaries as Matthew Perry and Diablo Cody as they muse on topics such as watching CNN on Virgin airlines to picking at dried mascara. Heady stuff. Rainn Wilson posts all the time, There, he just posted like forty-seven times about corn. Really. Twitter is for people who are too ADD to blog.

I like it though! I follow someone named Dpressman because Matthew Perry told me to! Perry also wants me to see 17 Again but I liked it better when it was called Freaky Friday and Jodie Foster was Zac Enron. I’m forty, I don’t have to know his name. HA. I’m not going to go see it, don’t tell Matthew Perry. I will totally buy the Sunset Strip DVDs when they come out. I’m sure he’ll be pleased. Maybe I’ll “tweet” when I buy them.

I seek out celebrities. It makes me feel a little like a stalker. It makes me feel a little like a celebrity too. I have two followers and I don’t know who either of them are, they are not Matthew Perry or Diablo Cody. Why would Joan or Joe Average follow Joan or Joe Average? I mean really? I don’t seek out people I don’t know there because I don’t really care enough about Joan Public’s cat issues or how Joe Guy feels about his new Ipod. It’s really hard to care about my life in 140 character increments. But it’s all different if its someone famous navel gazing at 140 characters at a time.

Up until a few months ago I thought Demi Moore invented Twitter to get Ashton something to do while she was at the gym.

Back to reality. Dogger and I went on our third therapeutic walk today and we got farther then we did on our last couple. This time we made it two houses in one direction before we had to turn back and two houses in the other. I have to keep telling her to put her foot down. The longer we walk the more she uses the foot/knee but I do have to keep telling her to use it and then I’m note sure how much weight she’s actually putting on it and how much of it is just to make me shut the f up. She gets really tired out from these trips. This afternoon we’re going back to vet to get a check up and I’m going to ask for another course of anti-biotics and more pain meds, not the same antibiotics though and maybe not as high a dose. A maintenance dose if they do that as much as I don’t want her to be on ABTs forever I’ve noticed her leg is still warm and the wound is still a leetle mauvey in one place. I also don’t want her to spend eternity in an E-collar.

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