Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Those of you with cats know how fun it is to travel with a cat that doesn’t like traveling. Now, imagine the joy of road tripping with two such animals. Other Kitty is going to be staying with me while my parents are out gallivanting across the globe and boy is she thrilled! She loves being with me and she and Tiny and Dogger are all very best friends! Yeah. Right. I’ve had fever dreams that weren’t that outrageous.

In reality Other Kitty is quarantined camped out in the downstairs bedroom. Saturday night I thought that she might be ready to come out and join the party but that ended badly and she hasn’t been out since - Like she has a choice, she can hardly open the door on her own, I have not let her out of the room since then. I have visited though, Sunday afternoon I took a book in there and got on the bed and read my book and I kept expecting her to jump up and visit with me but she never did, instead she stayed under the bed and growled. I did not feel the love. Time passed. Monday after work, I went back to visit and lo and behold, I felt the lurve! Later, I went back to watch House and she was my best friend. Sadly, I had to go check on dinner and Tiny snuck in as I was leaving and I didn’t notice. I came back and chased Tiny out again bur Other Kitty went under the bed and didn’t want to be friends and wouldn’t watch House with me.

Dogger. Dogger is walking on all four feet! Sometimes!. Okay, in reality, she’s still hopping but not all the time! Her incision is just about healed but not all the way so the E-collar stays where it is. To be honest, if I knew that she would be wearing that thing for a month I would have sprung for a nicer one but hind sight and all that. The antibiotics regime is finished and the infection seems to be cleared but I have noticed that the leg is still a little warm and that is not the best sign. She is feeling so much better though! She smiles and wags her tail and I’ve noticed that she’s stretching like she hasn’t done since before the accident! She does the doggy shake, shake, shake in the morning and I’ve had to start using her pinch collar to keep her from pulling on her leash! So those are all good things.

The surgery was March 30 and now it’s a few days short of a month since the surgery and she’s still not baring weight on that leg full time. I joined a Yahoo group for people with dogs with the same injury Dogger has/had and there are a few other dogs on the list who had surgery around the same time Dogger did and those dogs have been on all four feet for at least a week, but those dogs didn’t have Doggers raging post-operative infection either, so that really slowed down her progress from the very beginning. I had thought her wound was a little drippy but it turns out it was a lot drippy and that can be a sign of infection and in her case, it was.

But, the wound is about 98% closed and there is no more drainage of any kind. I gave her a bath over the weekend and she tolerated it well. She’s walking a lot better and seems to be on the road to recovery, so far. She goes back to the vet on Thursday.

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