Thursday, May 7, 2009

Big Cheese

Just some quick hits because I had a meeting and didn't get home till later than I had expected. I want to know how I ended up on the Senate District Executive Committee and then, how did I rate being a voting member? Wow. The power of the Precinct Vice Chairmanship.

A few weeks ago Vernon Malone died suddenly. He was our senator from District 14 and he was an institution, an institution who had just been elected to office.  I knew they were going to have to name a replacement but I had thought there would be a special election. I had been getting calls and visits from a couple of  candidates for the slot. One in particular came to my house three times and called me every day for a week. Al Franken doesn't call me everyday and Al Franken calls me a lot.

I had decided to vote for my stalker because he wore me down and I hadn't heard from any of the others. I didn't know there were any others - Then I went to the meeting and found out there were others, lots of others. I ended up seconding the nomination of one of them at the request of my Chair. The candidate ended up pulling herself from the race, but I did think she was the best speaker of the crowd I wasn;t going to vote for. The guy who was stalking me turned out to be a terrible speaker! Absolutely unelectable. A total disappointment.  I ended up voting for the favorite and he won handley. He is a terrific candidate and has the experience, the presences and the looks that will make him will be very easily re-elected-able in 2010.

So, congratulations Dan Blue.

Okay, I asked a question the other day about egg shells and since nobody else seemed to know why I wanted to put them in the garden. Well, it turns out a lot of reasons to put egg shells in your garden! No more throwing them away for me or worrying that I was doing the wrong thing by putting them in the garden. Nope. Good idea.

Speaking of good ideas. I went and picked up my ladybugs and unleashed the ladybugs of war on whatever it is that is daring to munch on my babies. Lets hope it works because I introduced 1500 of them to the environment and they will have an impact.

Speaking of impact, here are the planter pictures I was trying to upload. Thank you Mozilla!

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