Friday, May 8, 2009


Well. I let loose the ladybugs of war and there was considerable fatalities and a larger number of deserters. I went out and checked on them Thursday morning and they were still around and in great numbers but by the time I got home after work the only ladybugs I could find were dead.

I then poisoned the fuck out of the garden. I tried. I really, really did! I just do not want to have my food eaten by creatures who are not me. I didn't nail everything, just the broccolis and the raspberries because they seem to be taking the brunt of the snacking.

Not one. Not one living ladybug. Out of 1500 ladybugs. Not one stuck around, not one was willing to put in the work. They didn't like me, I understand that now. It's okay, if there were any left I rained enough pesticide down on them to make my very own Bhopal. Maybe next time I'll spring for the ladybugs who are more open and ready for a relationship.  Or maybe I'll make them sign contracts or insist they give me their real names and numbers. Bygones.

The good news is that while I was searching for my troops I noticed that two of my pepper plants appear to be working on flowers buds! I'm thrilled.   I have to check to see what kinds  but I'm not thinking either are of the larger varieties, but still yay! I can figure out what to do with different kinds of peppers, I'm sure that most peppers can be stuffed right? That's what we do with peppers, right? It's what I do with them. After I wash off Bhopal.

Okay, changing the subject, How long does it take for kittens to develop bones? Tiny doesn't have bones yet and I was wondering when they are going to come on. He's still really squishy and he weighs about, nothing.  Baby Nephew has outweighed him since birth, The Kitty outweighed Tiny E for months and months! I'm pretty sure that Tiny is made of  marshmallow... Tiny is a peep! OMG!

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