Friday, May 15, 2009


I am a very bad person. I  think its more interesting to learn that Stephen Fry, a man I've never met,  had a good meeting about audio-books and is planning dinner with friends, than the fact that a guy I've known since seventh grade ran 12 miles. I'm shallow and bad. I recognize that. Twitter is Facebook  for people you don't know and will never meet.  Twitter is Facebook for the very successful. It's also kind of neat challenge to try to be make sense when you only have 140 letters to do it in. It's harder than it looks, it's kind of like writing a ten minute one act, it sounds easy until you realize you have take what would be an  hour plus worth of action and dialogue and synthesize into ten minutes beginning, middle, end and it has to make sense.

It;s really cool though and if you aren't there yet, I suggest you go. It's fun. Today for instance,  I told Matthew Perry that a good way to survive the next nine months without Lost would be to paint his dog white. I don't even watch Lost!  I'm not even sure that regular people are supposed to message the Celebrities at all. I'm hoping that out of his 54,000 followers that I am not the only one who isn't up on their Twitter Etiquette.  He hasn't answered back and he won't, But you know, I messaged Mathew Perry! So much cooler than  telling Collen Theis that Erasure music takes me back to college in a big way too.


I went on Wednesday to have a cavity filled and the worst part of the whole thing - Worse than that nasty shot they give you to deaden the area, worse that that ICBM they use to give you the Novocaine, worse even than the sound of the drill was the  FAUX News! They have TV screens at every station and the last time I was in there for a procedure they gave me a remote and told me to have at, this time they didn't and I had to sit there and think about getting a filling at the same time I was being forced to watch FAUX! It was horrible.

And it gets worse, I got up the nerve to shift the screen away and this was better. When the dentist finally got around to me the first thing he did was move the screen around so couldn't avoind it! This was the first time ever that I looked forward to the drilling because at last I couldn't hear or see the TV. I should have known, while I was in the waiting room the only reading material I could find was The Readers Digest, Golf Digest and Guns and Gardens. Even odder? Prominently displayed was a hard back copy of the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book.

Doggers surgeon also has copies of Guns and Garden in his office too, I've only opened one issue but I can imagine that they are all full of gorgeously photographed flower gardens next to stories detailing what firearm to use to best kill vols and  rabbits and other garden pests. Weird stuff and not available on newstands.


Eduth said...

Surely you are joking when you say there is an actual magazine actually named "Guns and Gardens."

Diana said...

I am not kidding.