Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Garden Update 4

Not much time as passed since the last update but there have been changes. The Jolly Green Tomato has gotten even taller!

Everyone is perking right along . So far only two plants, one tomato and one pepper have come across with blooms all the peppers have infant blooms waiting to matures. The tomatoes are all taller  then the peppers,but they so far with the exception of the curb buster are only sporting fetal future blooms. You can tell they have the potential to be blooms but they aren't anywhere ready yet, I think they need it to stop raining all the time to do their thing and it would help if they could spend more time in the sunlight. I have noticed that this rainy season the tomatoes aren't forming squicky pseudo roots along their stems because of the damp, in last years rainy season they grew them and this year they haven't. a Why? relative age of the plants?  timing of the rain in their life cycle?  the presence of mulch? the plants were planted deeper than last year? use of soaker hoses instead of traditional watering techniques? Who knows.

 This shot shows the tomatoes and a few of the peppers. The peppers, while squaty little plants, are producing flowers and are ready to get to pepper growing. The one tomato plant with flowers is the Carolina Golden variety, a native species that I had to get when my Tangerine Mama plant keeled over. All the tomatoes are cleared for this region but the Carolina is really at home and it shows.
Here we have pictures the rest of the peppers and the beans and broccoli. The seed grown beans have really surprised me. They sprouted with shocked the hell out of me and then they grew. SO far so good with them, they seem a lot more interested in growing leaves than they are in growing beans but I could say the same thing about the other plants too. The beans may be starting tiny bean pods but they also might be teeny leaves. The broccoli's are also perking along. They are much, much more involved with their leaf production but I think they're supposed to do that for a long time. The brocs are also the only plants being chewed on, well. one of the brocs is being chewed on. I keep poisoning but it keeps raining and washing away the poison but not oddly, the bugs.
Family Portrait

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